Jagan afraid of his regime’s rising unpopularity: Lokesh

Fear-struck CM instigated attack on Naidu house
Jagan shivering with fear in his Tadepalli den
CM conscious of impending public revolt
‘Blue goondas’ trying to suppress democratic voices
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Friday said that the latest attack on Opposition Leader N. Chandrababu Naidu’s residence had exposed how Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy was stooping to new lows out of fear and frustration over the rising unpopularity of his rule.
Mr. Lokesh termed it as a ‘cowardly act’ that CM Jagan Reddy sent his party’s ‘blue goondas’ led by a sitting MLA to carry out the stone attack on the TDP leaders. The Chief Minister was feeling so insecure that he was not able to take even the slightest criticism. He was hiding in his Tadepalli den and shivering with fear at the increasing resentment against his policies.
In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh slammed CM Jagan Reddy for ‘masterminding’ attacks on the TDP rather than coming out of his house to understand and solve public problems. The day was not far off when all sections of the AP people would revolt against the atrocious regime. The unpopularity of his rule was the reason why the deeply agitated CM was provoking his party gangs to attack the opposition leaders.
Mr. Lokesh asserted that the people had realised that CM Jagan was just doing drama action but not genuinely committed to their well being. His kisses given to the people before the elections had started raining like heavy blows on the same people who brought him to power. The TDP would pay back with ‘multiple interest’ if the YSRCP continued its attacks, false cases and arrests out of political vendetta.
Mr. Nara lokesh said that the TDP chief was not a vengeful or hateful leader with a criminal record like Mr. Jagan Reddy. Instead of sending his party goons, the Chief Minister should himself come to Mr. Naidu’s house, which was the same house that Mr. Jagan Reddy was trying to submerge in the Krishna river ever since he was sworn in. The former CM would not offer a cup of tea and snacks and he would also enlighten Mr. Jagan Reddy on how to bring development.
Mr. Lokesh deplored that development was a concept that the Chief Minister would not be able to understand. Despite this, Mr. Naidu would provide some tips on how to bring industries and how to create jobs and work opportunities. If CM Jagan continued to depend on ‘blade batches and goondas’ to create an atmosphere of fear, the TDP would fight back with full force and it would stand by the side of all the victimised sections.
Meanwhile, the TDP leaders from across the State asked how the police could not prevent the ruling party goondas from coming near the Opposition Leader’s house. The same police put lots of objections and created hurdles for Mr. Lokesh during his visits to districts to call on the families of atrocities victims. The police owed an explanation to the public why they could not restrain and hold back the YCP MLA when he was going to attack the former CM’s house.
The TDP said that the attack on the Opposition Leader’s house was an attack on democracy. The Chief Minister was resorting to such attacks only to divert the public attention from his Government failures and misdeeds. The ruling party MLAs were degrading themselves by resorting to cheap attacks just for the sake of winning the CM’s favour for becoming Ministers. The YSRCP was behaving in an unabashed manner.
Some TDP leaders asserted that there was no law and order in AP ever since Mr. Jagan Reddy became CM. The police were keeping silent when there were attacks on the TDP and the general public. Like in movies, they were coming in the final scene when all injustice was done. But, the same police were very proactive to help the ruling YSRCP gangs to commit offences, grab lands, rob people and carry out attacks.