Jagan dragging his mother for cheap politics: TDP

CM misinterpreted Pattabhi comments: Anitha
Jagan adept in using women for political power
AMARAVATI: Telugu Mahila State President Vangalapudi Anitha on Friday accused Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy of using his mother and other women as part of his own selfish and narrow minded political agenda in the State.
Anitha said that the CM wrongly used the Police Commemoration Day yesterday to make baseless comments against the TDP leaders. Jagan Reddy twisted the statement of Pattabhi Ram out of context. Though nobody made any objectionable comments, the Chief Minister started misinterpreting that the TDP passed comments referring to his mother.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that Jagan Reddy used his mother and sister for election campaigns and padayatra for coming to power. In his own padayatra, Jagan gave kisses and fondly touched the heads of lots of women. The whole State knew who tore the ‘mangalsutra’ of the wife of YS Vivekananda Reddy, who was Jagan Reddy’s own babai.
Vangalapudi Anitha strongly criticised that the Chief Minister was now causing a political turmoil by instigating party cadres and by implicating the TDP leaders in false and baseless cases. Jagan Reddy stooped to a very low level of passing comments against his own mother by trying to take advantage of the TDP comments. The CM’s betrayals of women were getting exposed one by one. The YSRCP leaders were losing credibility and goodwill among all sections of society.
The TDP leader said that it was Jagan Reddy who dragged his mother and sister to the streets for the sake of political power but not Chandrababu Naidu. Only for winning the elections, Jagan had made countless impractical promises before the elections. After coming to power, he started creating terror among the people and thereby to silence all voices of public dissent.
Condemning the YSRCP’s ‘ulterior plans’, Anitha said that the DGP was acting like a YSRCP activist but not as the boss of the AP Police. No action was being taken even though the youth of the State was getting devitalised because of the drug and spurious liquor mafia. CM Jagan Reddy would speak all unimportant things but not about the menace of drug smuggling and the threat posed to the future of the younger generation.
The TDP leader asserted that their party was known for its discipline and it would not be able to talk in a degraded manner like Roja. Whenever there were no Jabardast call sheets, she would appear before the public only to criticise Chandrababu and Lokesh.