Jagan rule more chaotic than even Taliban: TDP

Jogi would not return safe from another attack on Naidu house: Bonda
Police officers turned yesmen for YSRCP leaders
AMARAVATI: TDP former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao on Saturday expressed concern that the YSRCP Government was presiding over an oppressive and chaotic rule that was more terrifying than even the Taliban regime.
Mr. Bonda Uma said the police had become just puppets in the hands of the ruling YSRCP leaders. Instead of ensuring law and order, they were acting just like the yes men for the Chief Minister, the Ministers and the ruling party MLAs. The police officials should do some soul-searching on this.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader asked whether YSRCP Pedana MLA Jogi Ramesh had lost his brains just like his Chief Minister. How could the MLA say he would launch another attack on former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s house? The TDP leaders would not be afraid and they would fight back even if Jogi Ramesh came back with more gangsters and more policemen than yesterday.
Mr. Bonda Uma warned that next time, the TDP would make sure that the YSRCP goondas would not return safely from the vicinity of Mr. Naidu’s house. The Pedana MLA was just a street rowdy who was now making all shameless efforts to win the favour of CM Jagan Reddy for becoming the Minister. Unfortunately, the AP police were having to salute and dance to the tunes of such persons of questionable social record. The ruling party goondas and the police should not test the patience of the TDP to such an extent. There would be serious repercussions.
The TDP leader said that their party would take serious legal action against all those police who were hand in glove with the YSRCP goons in the latest attack on the AP Opposition Leader’s house. What was the safety for the common man when the current regime was launching such attacks on a leader who had served as Chief Minister for 14 years? The ruling YSRCP was trying to suppress freedom of expression out of fear over rising public resentment. The people would give brickbats to the CM and his Ministers did not mend his ways.
Mr. Bonda Uma demanded an explanation from the DGP, DIG and the Guntur SP why no preventive arrests were made of the YSRCP leaders. MLA Jogi Ramesh was fully drunk at the time of launching the attack on Naidu’s house. His gunman saved him when he was falling at one point of time at the DGP office. However, the police saluted such a person and took him respectfully into the DGP office. Whereas, the TDP former Ministers, MLAs and leaders were not given any respect. With its undemocratic and autocratic activities, the Jagan Reddy regime had made Andhra Pradesh a laughing stock in the eyes of the whole country.