Lokesh decries ‘unlawful arrests’ of TDP leaders

Mydukur MLA should be arrested for violent remarks
DGP to blame if anything happens to arrested leaders
Pattabhi, Brahmam wrongfully arrested
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday strongly objected to the police arresting the TDP leaders despite their peaceful protests against Tuesday’s attack on their temple-like party office in Mangalagiri.
Lokesh asked the DGP why not a single culprit responsible for the attack on the TDP central office was arrested till now. On the other hand, TDP leaders K. Pattabhi Ram and Nadendla Brahmam were unlawfully arrested just because they questioned the atrocious attacks by the ruling party miscreants. Can the ruling party suppress all the questioning voices in the State?
In a statement here, the former Minister said that the AP police would not be able to continue their harassment of the opposition for long. If they wanted to hunt down the TDP, then they would have to arrest all the 70 lakh members of the main opposition party. The DGP should stop thinking like the irresponsible Advisors of the YSRCP Government. He should use his IPS brain but not YCP mind.
Lokesh said that Nadendla Brahmam was being taken from one police station to another ever since his arrest yesterday. The police were hatching devious plans to break down his spirit but all those have failed. Now, another drama is being carried out. The DGP would be held totally responsible for whatever untoward happens to Brahmam.
Nara Lokesh warned that the police officers concerned would have to stand before the courts with bowing heads for all their false arrests. The ruling party and the police were only indulging in more lawless activities instead of correcting their mistakes. They should realise that they would not be able to silence the voice of the TDP and the general public under any circumstances.
Lokesh demanded that YSRCP Mydukur MLA Raghurami Reddy be arrested immediately for his latest statement aimed at instigating terror and violence. Raghurami Reddy has threatened that the YSRCP leaders attacked TDP offices but allowed that party leaders to live. If such incidents happened in Rayalaseema, the TDP leaders would have been killed by now. The YCP MLA’s statement was highly objectionable and condemnable.
Nara Lokesh said that CM Jaganmohan Reddy should also be included in the list of the accused persons in the TDP office attack case. The Chief Minister has already admitted that his ‘psycho fans’ have resorted to the attack since they got blood pressure at the remarks of the TDP leaders. Jagan Reddy would not be able to stay one moment in Andhra Pradesh if lakhs of TDP’s disciplined soldiers would get blood pressure after seeing the YCP atrocities.