Lokesh hails employees’ Chalo Vijayawada

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Employees stir unstoppable
Decries illegal arrests of employees and teachers
Jagan should withdraw reverse PRC
CM should fulfill promises made to employees

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday demanded that the YSRCP Government should stop its ruthless suppression of the employees’ Chalo Vijayawada agitation.

Lokesh asked why CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was so adamant and arrogant when the Government employees were just agitating for their rightful and justifiable demands.In a statement here, Lokesh decried the unlawful arrests of the employees when they were taking part in the protests. The CM was using his highly-paid advisors, henchmen and police to carry on vicious campaigns. The employees were put to both psychological blackmail and physical attacks.

Nara Lokesh advised the Government to respect the democratic rights of everyone and stop making illegal arrests of the employees. It would not be possible to stifle the voice of all questioning voices. If Jagan Reddy had any trust in his slogan of credibility, he should withdraw his reverse PRC and announce a better PRC immediately.

Lokesh asserted that it would not be a crime on the part of the employees to organise peaceful protests for their lawful demands. The right to protest was provided in the country’s constitution. Who gave the authority to the YCP rulers to suppress the constitutional rights of the employees?

Expressing serious concern, Nara Lokesh asked whether it would be correct to use the police to detain the teachers who would deserve respect all the time. The Chief Minister should remember that the employees were only agitating for the fulfillment of promises that he himself gave to them.

Lokesh said the employees were only asking for their rights but not for any shares in the illegal assets of the ruling YCP leaders. The CM was known for amassing unlawful wealth in his Sakshi media and palatial building complexes in different metro cities. The employees were agitating for just better pay but not for illegal wealth.

The TDP MLC said the Government created a stifling atmosphere with the help of police but the employees came disguised to attend Chalo Vijayawada protests. Jagan Reddy himself promised to cancel CPS within a week but he did not care to fulfill it after coming to power.

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