Lokesh salutes 700-day old Amaravati stir

Farmers sacrifices would not go in vain
Overwhelming response to Maha Padayatra
Jagan in a delusion to construct 3 Capitals
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday asserted that the supreme sacrifices made by the Amaravati farmers in giving lands for constructing the AP Capital would not go in vain.
Lokesh said that the Jaganmohan Reddy Government’s suppressive actions would not be able to stop the Capital farmers’ agitation which completed 700 days today. The heartless rulers tried to dismiss the Amaravati farmers’ problem as a small issue but crores of people from all corners of the State had extended their full cooperation to the farmers’ cause.
In a statement here, Lokesh said that the ongoing Nyayasthanam to Devasthanam Maha Padayatra was drawing unprecedented response from the public. People were coming in large numbers to support the farmers’ padayatra all along the route. Everybody was lauding the farmers and rythu coolies and women for waging a relentless struggle for a noble cause.
Nara Lokesh slammed CM Jagan Reddy for hatching vengeful conspiracies to destroy the future of Amaravati farmers and their young generations. However, the CM’s ulterior plans met with resistance and opposition from all sides. The agitation of the 30,000 farmers got widespread recognition from all over. Nobody would be able to undermine the land sacrifices made by the farmers to create a Capital for all the people of the State.
Lokesh asserted that it was an indisputable fact that Amaravati was a much-cherished dream and aspiration of crores of the AP people. There was undeniable justice on the side of the Amaravati agitation. The people were rising above caste, creed, region and religion to extend their support to the Capital City. The farmers did not think twice to sacrifice their ancestral lands.
Lokesh expressed confidence that the farmers’ stir would succeed eventually with the blessings of the people and the gods. Undoubtedly, Andhra Pradesh would have only one Capital City. Amaravati would ultimately become the one and only Capital of AP. The evil plans of the present rulers would meet with certain failure. The principles of natural justice would eventually prevail.
Nara Lokesh said that the Chief Minister and his Ministers would not be able to construct 3 Capitals in their present lifetime. They would not be able to destroy Amaravati even in their dreams. There was overwhelming support from all corners of the State to the People’s Capital. The rulers would not be able to suppress any agitation that had got popular support.
Lokesh recalled how the ruling party tried to turn Amaravati into a ghost city and called it a burial ground. However, all the destructive efforts of the CM and Ministers could not move the Capital even by an inch in the past two and half years.