Lokesh slams Govt over Sileru atrocity

YCP leader ‘molested’ a differently abled woman
Police didn’t register victim’s complaint
Govt failures causing non-stop atrocities on women
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Wednesday demanded that the YSRCP Government and the State police initiate prompt action in the atrocities cases so that women and girls would be spared from the continuing attacks in the State.
Mr. Lokesh condemned the latest incident in which a ruling YSRCP leader had ‘molested’ a differently abled woman at Sileru village in Gudemkothaveedhi mandal in Visakhapatnam district. The incident took place at night two days ago. The police did not register the case though the victim went to the police station to make the complaint. The ruling party leaders down the line were taking inspiration from their party Ministers and MLAs to make sexual attacks on women.
In a statement here, Mr. Lokesh said that the failure of the YSRCP Government and the AP Police was responsible for the unchecked atrocities taking place against girls and women. The differently abled woman’s complaint was not registered saying that the police officer concerned was not available. Moreover, the victim took the local volunteer to the police station along with her but there was no response.
Mr. Nara Lokesh said that YSRCP’s Vizag leader Venkatrao resorted to the molestation assault on a helpless differently abled woman. The ruling party leader was in an advanced age but still he followed in the footsteps of a tainted Minister to make the sexual attack. The YSRCP leader’s atrocity was making members of civil society hang their heads in shame. The police should do justice to the victimised woman. They should not bend the laws in order to save the YSRCP culprit.
Mr. Lokesh advised the police officials not to hold press conferences to spread falsehoods only to divert the public attention and thereby to protect the YSRCP offenders. In the Sileru molestation incident, the police should prove their honesty and take stringent action against the culprit without wasting further time. Immediate justice should be ensured to the victim. It was unfortunate that the police were not taking action though the women organisations have registered their protest.
Condemning the Government’s ‘indifference’, Mr. Lokesh said that the ruling party leaders were not afraid of even the Disha law that was brought in by their own Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. Over 500 atrocities took place in the State under the Jagan regime till now. Even now, the Government was unable to clarify whether or not it could get Central approval to bring Disha law into force. On the other hand, the women were not getting justice under the Nirbhaya Act as well. The YSRCP Government’s adamant attitude was causing greater suffering to AP women victims.
Mr. Nara Lokesh recalled how the YSRCP miscreants raped a 10-year-old Dalit minor girl in the Rajahmundry rural police station limits. The Government failed to take the required action against the culprits. Another incident took place last in East Godavari where miscreants kidnapped and gangraped a 16-year-old girl for several days in Korukonda area. Later, they left the victim near a police station.
Mr. Lokesh said that the perpetrators of crimes against women and girls were getting emboldened because of the inefficient rule of Mr. Jagan Reddy. B.Tech student Ramya was harassed in the name of love in Guntur. Later, she was attacked and brutally murdered near the police station itself. The Chief Minister was not responding with stringent action and not bringing any pressure on the police to punish the culprits. Instead, the CM was trying to escape from his responsibility by announcing compensation of Rs. 10 lakh or so for the victims’ families.