NBK to YCP MLAs: ‘Khabadadar! watch your mouths’

Nandamuri family decries comments on Naidu’s wife
‘We will not tolerate derogatory comments any further’
Was it Assembly or animal shed, asks Naidu’s bro-in-law
AMARAVATI/HYDERABAD: TDP Hindupur MLA and actor Nandamuri Balakrishna, along with a host of the Nandamuri family members, on Saturday strongly condemned what they described as an ‘uncivilised character assassination’ launched by the ruling YSRCP MLAs on Nara Bhuvaneswari, wife of former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.
Nandamuri Balakrishna warned and advised the YCP MLAs to watch their mouths and desist from making such ‘derogatory comments’ in future. “Khabadadar! Give and take respect. We will not tolerate if such cheap comments are made once again. No system can save you once we begin counter measures. We will break all walls and hurdles to counter you.”
Addressing a joint press conference in Hyderabad along with other family members,

Balakrishna said their party leaders and cadres were observing absolute restraint as a mark of respect to the words of ‘my elderly brother-in-law Naidu’. Because of him, the TDP activists were still giving respect to the elected people’s representatives regardless of the party they belong to.
Balakrishna termed it as unfortunate that ‘they have gone personal against my sister who is Naidu’s wife. They have used cheap language and crude diction. Their behaviour raised doubts whether it was Assembly or animal shed.”
Nandamuri Balakrishna said the political debates should be issue-based without any personal agenda or ulterior intentions. From the days of NTR, the TDP has been fighting issue-based battles but not along personal lines. Allegations and counter allegations should not deteriorate to the extent of dragging family members who had no connection with politics.
Expressing concern, Balakrishna asked how the ruling YSRCP MLAs could target Bhuvaneswari when she was not connected to politics at all. She was looking after her family’s Heritage business and recently donated desktop computers in the Hindupur assembly segment. The YCP leaders were not involved in such service activities. They were known only for looting public wealth and hiding it in secret places.
In an indirect reference to the Viveka murder, Balakrishna pointed out that the YSRCP leaders also had mothers, sisters and children in their families. An issue was already running in their family. Their own family members raised suspicions. It involved a former Lok Sabha member. In order to divert attention, they resorted to ‘cheap culture, language and diction’ in political discourse.
Balakrishna said that Chandrababu Naidu would usually be a courageous leader who would never break down in tears in any crisis situation. But now, the circumstances brought to such an extent. There would be certain limit to anything. If they were truly representatives of the people, they should encourage healthy debates but not personal abuses.
Bhuvaneswari’s sister Lokeswari said she was greatly pained at her sister being dragged into needless politics. Assembly would be like a temple but they have made cheap comments in such a holy place. Chandrababu Naidu never used a word against Jagan Reddy’s mother, wife and sister.
Nandamuri Ramakrishna warned that the YCP leaders should not test the patience of their family. The political developments in AP were very unfortunate these days. Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar, Kodali Nani, Vamsi and Ambati Rambabu were crossing their limits. They should fight politically but not come with personal agenda in a cowardly manner.