TDP urges YCP Govt to clarify on Rs 21,000 Cr heroin case

Drug sale rampant at paan shops, tea stalls, near CM house: Venkanna
Police surrendered to YCP, failed in law and order
AMARAVATI: TDP State General Secretary Budda Venkanna on Thursday demanded that the Jaganmohan Reddy Government explain to the people regarding the reports of unchecked smuggling of heroin, cocaine and ganja in Andhra Pradesh in the past two and half years.
Mr. Venkanna asked why the Government and the police officials were not responding when over Rs. 21,000 Cr worth heroin was caught. The tainted firm was registered in Vijayawada and ganja sale was going on in the vicinity of the Chief Minister’s house itself. The sale of drugs was rampant in tea stalls and paan shops. Import and use of drugs became an alarming issue in the face of an inactive intelligence wing.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that the State police were solely busy filing fabricated cases and making false arrests of the TDP leaders without any focus on the law and order. Crime rate has increased and now, the threat of drug abuse has been growing alarmingly all over the State. The orders of the big boss were responsible for the failure of the police force. In an unprecedented manner, the Government itself was actively involved in the import and sale of the drugs.
Mr. Venkanna termed it as unfortunate that drugs were being used more in place of eggs in the State. The young generation were falling victim to drug abuse and they were indulging in anti-social activities under the influence of drugs. It was a million dollar question why the ruling YSRCP leaders were keeping very silent on the role of the Vijayawada firm in the Rs. 21,000 Cr heroin smuggling. All this heroin was caught in the Gujarat port. One Sudhakar was caught in connection with this massive smuggling and he was a benami of a YSRCP leader belonging to Kakinada.
The TDP leader deplored that the YSRCP leaders themselves were getting involved in the import and sale of drugs. If the ruling party wanted to prove its innocence, the Government should order a CBI inquiry. The people of AP were now having doubts that all the imported drugs were being stocked in a secret place known to the top leaders in the Government. The ruling YSRCP was using all this ill gotten money to indulge in anti-social activities. This was why the police and the enforcement wings were not taking any action.
Mr. Venkanna asserted that there seemed to be a direct channel for import of heroin and drugs from Taliban in Afghanistan to Tadepalli in Andhra Pradesh. The big bosses in the Government must have known everything since Rs. 72,000 Cr worth drug smuggling was going on within the vicinity of the Chief Minister’s house. Under the YSRCP regime, even the highly revered tonsured hair of Tirumala devotees was being smuggled. It was caught in the north east while being smuggled to Myanmar. The facts should come out who was encouraging ganja, heroin and drug abuse in the State.
The TDP leader said that it was YSRCP MLA Jogi Ramesh who brought goons to attack former CM Chandrababu Naidu’s house. But in a very unfortunate manner, DIG Trivikrama Varma came in defence of the ruling party MLA. The DIG’s remarks had brought down the prestige of the police department. There was video and CCTV footage available to show how the ruling party goons had carried out a premeditated attack on the house of AP Opposition Leader.