TDP’s drama to safeguard real estate business

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Amaravati, June 4: Reiterating that the State government is committed to equally develop all regions through decentralisation, MP Nandigam Suresh questioned how could Intellectuals support TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu’s coterie’s protest, which is a ploy to safeguard the real estate business of Amaravati in the guise of farmers.

Speaking to media at party central office here on Saturday, the MP said that Amaravati farmers agitation is being led by real estate agents of TDP to protect their ill-gotten properties by demanding Amaravati as a sole capital and questioned how could Intellectuals like Kodandaram and Haragopal support it and reminded that Haragopal had opposed the land pooling system of Naidu in the past.

He reminded that Naidu moved court saying that there would be demographic imbalance if house sites are distributed to poor and weaker sections in Amaravati . He said no farmer in Amaravati region has faced losses due to the state government’s decision except ‘benamis’ of Naidu.

He said Naidu has cheated the people of the state in the name of capital by not developing it and added that social activist Medha Patkar, who raised her voice against Naidu in regard to the capital region, could give more insights on the atrocities of the previous government on farmers in the region.

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