Don’t Spoil The Brand Image Of Bharat Outside Our Soil

– AP BJP Political Feedback Pramukh Dinakar Lanka

Rahul Gandhi and Sam Pitroda must have proper comparable information with facts about Our Nation with the other Countries since He is in the chair of Overseas affairs in the Congress party. Let us divide Modi regime governance performance can be evaluated in to two parts that governance in our country prior to 2014 and governance from 2014 to 2023 for 9 years of @Narendra Modi Seva. Further, pre and post Covid19 uncertainties in our Nation with the Globe.

As far as Unemployment is concerned, though there has been continuous slowdown in Global Economy and Covid19 Lock downs impact on entire globe has not exception for our country. But, We are far better than the many advanced countries in the world in terms of GDP growth with 7.2% for the year 2022 – 23 and forecasting the International Agencies between 6.5% to 7% for the current year 2023-24 along with positive growth in the direct and indirect tax collections.

Further, Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) has been raising positively to 58.70% in the month of May 2023 from 57.20% in the month of April 2023, it is the significant boost in the manufacturing activity of the country showcasing the favourable economic environment in the country with Job creation. There is a significant pressure in global investment markets due to post Covid19 impact, still it is going on and our Union Government has been encountered it through ” Gatishakti Yojana ” to build the infrastructure for the creation of the eco system for Self Reliance, it boosts the economy for the creation of huge number of Jobs to the youth.

In our country, Inflation is under control when compared with the Rest of the World though there is supply chain disruption caused with Ukraine and Russia War. Even advanced Countries like USA, UK and other European countries have been facing higher Inflation problem then ours as retail Inflation had registered at 4.7% for the month of April 2023, this is lower percentage in the last one and half year and Wholesale Inflation is negative with -0.92% for the same period, this is the lowest in the last 3 years.

Education and Health are two eyes for the safeguarding the Human Resources of the country. Union Government has been implemented New Education Policy and Samagra Siksha Abhiyan and trying to incorporate the syllabus with facts unlike the History of our country was tampered against to the great civilisation, heritage, culture and traditions of our country for the sake of appeasement pseudo secular politics. On the other hand, Ayushman Bharat has introduced for the benefit of 50 Crore people across the County and spent for Rs. 50,409 Crores for 4.20 Crore Hospital admissions from 26,055 Network Hospitals across the Nation as on 4th January 2023.

Sam Pitroda may be influenced by Rahul Gandhi to undermine the Country from the external soil by showcasing Muslim League Party from Kerala as secular party though Rahul Gandhi’s Great Grand Father Nehru had claimed it as threat to the not only for Kerala, but for the entire country. Finally, Sam Pitroda shall recognise the efforts and commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to built Rama Temple as per the direction of Honourable Supreme Court and built the new Parliament building as a symbol of Temple of Democracy.

Apart from this, connected North to West, South and East of Our country by Delhi – Mumbai Express way and Surat – Chennai Express way via Mumbai along with existing Bangalore – Chennai Industrial Corridor and Vishakhapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor, first time in the history of the North-eastern States Highways laid for the growth and development of Nation with world class infrastructure create new avenues all the parts for the Industrial and economic activities across the Nation, Isn’t It providing job opportunities?, let open eyes and watch physically all these activities by Rahul Gandhi and Sam Pitroda before making adverse comments against to the interest of our Nation.