Jagan showing false love on Dalits: TDP

-YCP began victimising Dalits first: Ananda Babu
-Jagan Govt trying to save ‘killer MLC’

AMARAVATI: TDP former Minister Nakka Ananda Babu on Wednesday slammed Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for showering false love on the Dalit sections in Andhra Pradesh.

Ananda Babu said the Chief Minister told total lies during his visit to Chenne Kothapalle village in Anantapur district. Dalits were the first to come under vicious attacks by the lawless YSRCP leaders across the State.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader deplored that the ruling YCP leaders were behaving as if they were licensed to kill the weaker sections. It was well known how YCP MLC Ananta Babu enacted a 48-hour long drama after killing his own driver who was a Dalit.

Ananda Babu questioned the rationale behind giving a royal treatment to the YCP ‘killer MLC’ in jail. In a very shameless manner, a woman YCP MLA held ‘palaabhishekam’ for the accused Anantha Babu. The ruling party leaders were diving the people along caste lines for the sake of their narrow political advantage.

The TDP leader said the suspension of the YCP MLC was also fake considering how YCP MLA Nagulapalli Dhanalakshmi met the accused MLC in jail. The Jagan Government was trying to save anti-Dalit Anantha Babu from the beginning despite the fact that he was a ‘killer’.

Ananda Babu recalled how the police did not show the arrest of the accused MLC for over a week. Now, they were not taking into their custody though Anantha Babu was there in judicial custody for longer than expected. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana made shameless comments that Anantha Babu was going around in public just because he was not guilty of the Dalit murder.

The TDP leader said that Anantha Babu was suspended only to placate the angry Dalit associations and opposition parties. Secretly, the Government was making all efforts to bring the MLC out of jail. Royal facilities like separate room, bed and food were being provided to him in jail.