Why Police Assn indulging in politics, asks Varla Ramaiah

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Amaravathi, Nov 22: The member of the TDP politburo, Mr Varla Ramaiah, on Tuesday questioned the leaders of the Andhra Pradesh Police Welfare Association as to why they are indulging in politics instead of striving for the welfare of the police personnel.

When the ruling party leaders use highly objectionable language these police welfare association leaders are keeping mum but when the Opposition parties leaders criticise the ruling party leaders, these association leaders are highly critical of them, Mr Varla Ramaiah told media persons here. Why these association leaders, who always claim that they strictly go by the law, do not dare to question the CID chief, Mr Sunil Kumar, who totally violates the law, he asked.

When the police officials suffer from different issues, these leaders do not open their mouth but when someone criticises the ruling party leaders, they come out openly and this clearly indicates that the Police Welfare Association is only trying to safeguard the interests of the YSRCP leaders, he commented. Mr Varla Ramaiah advised the welfare association leaders not to indulge in politics and invite troubles.

Stating that the TDP national president, Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu, reacted immediately when the party leader, Mr Chengalraidu, used some words against the police officials. Still the welfare association leaders are trying to politicise the statement made by Mr Chengalraidu though Mr Chandrababu pulled him up immediately, he stated.

Mr Varla Ramaiah said that such police officers will only fall prey to politics if they continue such attitude. Recalling that a constable, Mr Prakash, was suspended when he submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister on some genuine demands and why these association leaders did not respond when such injustice is done to their own colleague.

What happened to them when a YSRCP MLA caught hold of the collar of an inspector in Nellore district and why they are keeping quiet when the MLA, Mr Parthasaradhi, used some objectionable language against the police officials in Krishna district, he asked. Why the welfare association leaders did not open their mouth when the Minister, Mr Seediri Appalaraju, also used highly objectionable language against the local police officials, Mr Varla Ramaiah said.

When the CID chief, Mr Sunil Kumar, is blatantly violating the law and arresting persons during late in the night, these leaders have decided to keep silence, the TDP politburo member said and asked them to fight for their genuine demands. The police officials, be it welfare association leaders or others, should always work for upholding the law and function as per the laid down norms, Mr Varla Ramaiah maintained.

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