Youth must not forget the sacrifices of freedom fighters


India must evolve to be a soft super power

‘The present generation need to introspect and answer whether or not they are worthy of the sacrifices of the freedom fighters’ said distinguished speaker Prof NG Rajurkar retired and professor emeritus of political science Osmania University, who was addressing a gathering of students, research scholars, faculty, non-teaching staff, alumni at Tagore Auditorium during the concluding session of Swathantra Bharatha Vajrotsava Dvisaptaham programme. Prof Rajurkar is an eminent scholar and academician who has researchedvinod Nehruvian philosophy and wrote elaborately on Indian freedom struggle. ‘The present understanding of Indian struggle for freedom is influenced greatly by the western outlook forced unto us. The freedom struggle between 1857 to 1947 is to be understood from the Indian perspective’ he added. He made his point by putting many anecdotes from that period and revealed how the efforts of various streams of freedom struggle and various philosophies have eventually led to India’s freedom in 1947. He recollected the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru, and those of various freedom movements.

‘By 2047 India should become a soft super power – a force in agriculture, education, economics, power, technologies, etc. Only an affluent India can influence the world positively’ expressed Chief Guest Shri B Vinod Kumar Vice-Chairman Telangana State Planning Board Government of Telangana.

‘India is a true democracy with a unique constitution. Our constitution has provided voting rights to all citizens unlike some developed countries that falsely claim so’ he added.

He appealed to the political parties to stop belittling the leaders of yesteryears who have been instrumental in laying foundation for a great country to evolve over the period of past 75 years. He recollected the legacy of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, and pointed out that the policies and resolutions put forth by Nehru was way ahead of its time, and it was indeed those resolutions that were mooted and accepted during the pre-independence era eventually were adopted in the Indian constitution and later to formulate many policies.

‘India has immense potential, and the higher educational institutions like Osmania University and Kakatiya University has greater responsibility to guide the younger generation in proper direction. Encouraging and conducting cutting edge research in science and technology shall be the top priority of the educational institutions. Similarly research in Social Sciences too needs to be encouraged as many problems in the social sphere can be resolved only through local interventions’ he concluded.

‘We have to recollect and respect the struggles of our forefathers in attaining the indendence. Of the many impacts that we have due to freedom struggle one should not the fact the awakened India has taken measures to do away the devadasi pratha, implement the best constitution, and take all necessary steps in the right direction to make India amongst the best democracy in this world’ shared Prof R. Limbadri Chairman Telangana State Council for Higher Education, Government of Telangana.

The programme was coordinated by the office of the Dean Students’ Affairs, Osmania University. The cultural programme presented by students from 13 different colleges of Osmania University. Prizes and certificates of participation were also distributed on this occasion.

‘The Swathantra Bharatha Vajrotsava Dvisaptaham Celebrations in Osmania University was conducted in a befitting manner with various programmes conducted from university to college level. We have left no stone unturned to instill the patriotism in the younger generation’ shared Prof. D Ravinder Vice-Chancellor Osmania University.