Amaravati court cases will continue: TDP

Farmers need justice under CRDA Act 2014: Ashok Babu
Amaravati will become Rs. 15 Lakh Cr asset
AMARAVATI: TDP MLC P. Ashok Babu on Monday asserted that the curtains would not come down on the Amaravati agitation just because the YSRCP Government withdrew the 3 Capitals and CRDA Repeal Acts in the State Assembly now.
Ashok Babu warned that the hundreds of cases filed against Capital shifting would continue in the court as long as the problems of the Amaravati farmers would not be resolved. Justice should be done to them as per the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) Act, 2014. There should be no second thoughts on this.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP MLC pointed out that the Chief Minister said in the Assembly today that they were going to bring just a better and comprehensive bill on decentralisation. The CM clearly indicated that his Government was not going back on trifurcation of Capitals. The CRDA Repeal Act was now withdrawn apparently because the Government’s arguments in the High Court were losing ground day by day.
Ashok Babu asked what was wrong to spend Rs. 1 Lakh Cr for development of infrastructure when Amaravati had the potential to create an asset of Rs. 15 Lakh Cr in future. It was unfortunate that the Chief Minister and his party leaders were not able to see the big picture. Narrow minded politicking and vindictive agenda has already caused a lot of harm and suffering to the whole State and its people.
The TDP MLC asserted that the YSRCP Government was afraid of the rising public patronage to the Amaravati farmers ‘Maha Padayatra’. The ‘Nyayasthanam to Devasthanam’ yatra was receiving rousing reception from all sections of people. The Amaravati agitation first started as a small stream just like how any river would be very small at its originating place. Now, the farmers’ stir turned into a huge river in whose waters the Jagan Reddy regime would be washed away.
Ashok Babu said that the CM told a big lie in the Assembly that the construction of Amaravati Capital would require Rs. 1 Lakh Cr. If such a huge amount would be really spent, then Amaravati would turn into a bigger asset that would generate Rs. 15 Lakh Cr to Rs. 20 Lakh Cr worth public property. The YSRCP rulers were not able to accept the potential and greatness of Amaravati out of political reasons.
The TDP MLC demanded the YSRCP to explain why the pro-Capital shifting agitators were not giving their response on the latest developments. All sorts of allegations and bad propaganda was made against the Amaravati agitation though it was continuing for the past 700 days. Now, it became clear who were the actual paid artists. The present rulers should implement all the items provided in the CRDA Bill that was brought during the Chandrababu regime.
Referring to the Ministers’ comments, Ashok Babu mockingly said that only villains would get all the beating in the climax of any show. In this issue, the Amaravati farmers and the AP people would emerge victorious in the final verdict. One Minister termed it as just an interval in the Capital shifting drama. The Minister concerned should realise that the villains would start losing the game after the interval.
The TDP MLC advised the ruling YSRCP leaders to look at the examples of Hyderabad and Bangalore. They were now contributing larger share of revenue to their respective States. These cities had turned into lakhs of crores worth public assets for their people. Any amount of money spent on Amaravati would not go waste since it was centrally located in the State and had all the potential to turn into a vibrant city.