Jagan betrayed all women including own sisters: TDP

CM did nothing for women empowerment: Anuradha
One sister ran away to neighbouring State
Another sister seeking justice in Delhi streets
AMARAVATI: TDP State General Secretary Panchumarty Anuradha on Thursday asserted that Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy had no moral right to talk about women empowerment.
Anuradha asked how the CM could uplift women of the State when he could not do justice to his own sisters. CM Jagan had spoken utter lies on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. Jagan Reddy’s betrayals have made one sister run away to the neighbouring State while another sister was seeking justice in Delhi streets.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader advised the Chief Minister to first do some sincere justice to his own sisters before giving lectures on empowerment of other women. It was the previous TDP Government that had shown what it would be like to uplift and empower women in all sectors. The TDP had always put women on an equal footing with men in all areas of endeavour.
Anuradha recalled how NTR provided property rights to women so as to enable them not lag behind men in any respect. By providing reservations in the local bodies, the women leaders were developed at every level. Former CM Chandrababu Naidu began the DWCRA movement in order to ensure financial stability to women. Thousands of crores of loans were provided to the women’s self help groups.
The TDP leader said that while Chandrababu Naidu transformed women into industrialists, Jagan Reddy has turned them into coolies. On the other hand, Jagan Reddy has set his sights on the Rs. 8,705 Cr belonging to the DWCRA groups. The TDP 5-year regime provided Rs. 800 Cr under Unnati programme, Rs. 4,455 Cr under Stri Nidhi, Rs. 68,80 Cr under bank linkage, Rs. 18,600 Cr under Pasupu Kumkuma and Rs. 2,514 Cr under interest waiver.
Anuradha said that the Chandrababu regime gave Rs. 3,800 Cr under loan waiver first installment and Rs. 2,500 Cr under second installment. Overall, the TDP five year regime provided Rs. 1,01,449 Cr for DWCRA women empower in five years. The Jagan regime did nothing in this respect. The Government should publish a white paper on how much fund it has released for DWCRA groups during the 2021-`22 and 2020-`21 financial years.
The TDP leader accused the Jagan regime of being responsible for total deterioration of law and order. Over 530 atrocities and attacks took place on women in the past two and half years. It was shameful that the YCP rule could not nab Venkat Reddy who was accused in the woman gangrape case behind the CM residence. The Centre provided Rs. 112 Cr for Nirbhaya Nidhi and there was no account for Rs. 38 Cr in AP.