Lokesh calls TTD Board a ‘board of YCP looting’

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-Objects to steep hike in Srivari seva ticket rates
-Trust Board turned into a commercial centre
-YCP looting innocent devotees for funds

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday expressed concern that the TTD Trust Board was turned into a ‘board of YCP looting’ for the benefit of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and his relatives.

Lokesh described as ‘unilateral’ the latest hike in the rates of Srivari darshan seva tickets, prasadam and accommodation. The YSRCP Government was apparently carrying forward its conspiracy to create a distance between the crores of devotees and the Lord of Seven Hills.

In a statement here, Lokesh condemned the manner in which the Trust Board was turned into a ‘board filled with middlemen and agents’. It was unjust and unjustifiable that the board has steeply increased the rates only to loot the innocent devotees. The trust board members were turning it into a commercial centre instead of taking up pro-devotee decisions.

Nara Lokesh called it a ‘gigantic blunder’ on the part of the Trust Board to hike the rates of ‘Udayasthamana’ tickets to Rs 1 Cr to Rs 1.50 Cr in the name of mobilisation of funds. It was shameful that they announced publicly that they had distributed these tickets among themselves immediately after their booking started.

Lokesh asked why the TTD Board was raising Covid-19 restrictions for Shivaratri brahmotsavams in Tirupati temple when no such restrictions were being put for these celebrations in any other temple in the State. The ruling party leaders were undermining the sanctity and image of the Seven Hills Temple.

Criticising the TTD decisions, Lokesh termed it as atrocious to increase the veda ashirvachanam ticket from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000 at one go. The suprabhata seva tickets

were increased from Rs. 240 to Rs. 2,000, kalyanotsavam tickets from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000, thomala seva and archana from Rs. 240 to Rs. 2,000 and vastralankarana seva from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh.

Nara Lokesh said that the anti-devotee decisions taken by the TTD Board and broadcast live were in the nature of commercialising the pious precincts of the Tirumala temple. The Trust Board activities were being run on the lines of a greedy corporate company. All rates were hiked in an exorbitant manner.

Lokesh deplored that the Chief Minister, who was an accused in 31 cases, has appointed over 16 persons with criminal record as members on the TTD Trust Board. They had all joined hands to destroy the sanctity of Tirumala in every way possible. The TTD was taking all controversial decisions ever since the YSRCP came to power in the State.

Nara Lokesh said many suspicions arose over the use of funds being raised by Sri Vani Trust by collecting Rs. 10,500 for protocol break darshan in the name of developing temples everywhere. All sorts of dubious sevas were going on atop Tirumala temple which once looked radiant and bright with never-ending festivals.

The TDP MLC deplored that the Chief Minister was indifferent and he would not come out of his Tadepalli palace. Now, they were saying Srivaru was not being taken out due to Covid. The TTD should take back its decisions that were deeply hurting the devotees of the Seven Hills Lord. Steps should be taken for smooth darshan for all sections of the people.

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