Lokesh decries ‘false arrests’ of anganwadis

-CM not fulfilling pre-poll promises
-YCP Govt ruthlessly suppressing anganwadis
-Covid compensation not given to bereaved families

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday strongly criticised the YSRCP Government for ‘ruthlessly suppressing’ the ongoing agitation of anganwadis and asha workers.

Lokesh said the Government was making illegal arrests when the anganwadis were just agitating for their rightful demands. They only urged the YCP rulers to fulfill the promises they made to them during the 2019 elections.

In a statement here, Lokesh recalled how Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy roamed every village in the State before the elections and made huge promises to anganwadis. He placed his hand on the heads of anganwadis and asha workers to make them believe in his false promises at that time. After becoming CM, Jagan Reddy had totally betrayed them.

Nara Lokesh accused the YCP rulers of getting the peacefully agitating anganwadis arrested only to sabotage their protests. The ruthless suppression of their agitation would only expose the dictatorial attitude of the Chief Minister. The Government was giving a raw deal to the front line workers who risked their lives during the Covid pandemic.

Lokesh asked whether it was a crime on the part of the anganwadis to demand Rs. 26,000 minimum wage along with retirement benefits. They were asking for paid medical leave and Rs. 50 Lakh ex gratia for in-service deaths along with a job to a member of the family. They were pleading not to remove ration cards and continue welfare benefits. It was a justifiable demand for filling the vacant anganwadi workers and helpers posts.

Criticising the YCP rule, Lokesh deplored that the asha workers were recognised as front line workers but they were not given face masks, hand gloves and other safety material during the pandemic. No compensation was paid to the asha workers who died while working with the Covid-19 medical teams. It was inhuman to arrest the workers when they were agitating for compensation, insurance facility and holidays.

Nara Lokesh asked how the YCP leaders could claim it to be a pro-anganwadi Government when the protesting workers were dragged and thrown into the police vans. At least now, the Chief Minister should stop his adamant and arrogant attitude. Everybody had a right to protest in a democracy.

Lokesh advised the CM to stop trampling upon the democratic and fundamental rights of the people. The TDP would extend its total support to the agitation of anganwadi and asha workers.