Lokesh decries ‘lathicharge’ on Bobbili women

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-Locals demand for Maithan jobs justifiable
-Thousands of acres given for Bobbili growth centre
-CM a culprit for not implementing GOs on local jobs

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday strongly condemned the police ‘lathicharge’ on the peacefully protesting women at the Maithan Alloys industry at Bobbili in Vizianagaram district.

Lokesh asked whether Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was sending the gun-toting police to punish women who were just seeking justice. They were just asking for jobs for the locals since they had given thousands of acres for the Bobbili growth centre.

In a statement here, Lokesh asked how the YSRCP regime could ignore the protests against giving jobs to those coming from other States. Was it correct on the part of the CM to give police lathicharge as a gift to the peacefully agitating local women?

Nara Lokesh said if the local people’s demand for jobs was a crime, then the GOs issued by the YCP regime reserving 70 percent jobs for locals were just meaningless. Jagan Reddy should be called an A1 culprit for not implementing the GOs that he has brought for giving jobs to locals.

Lokesh expressed concern that under the YSRCP regime, there has been no safety and security to women and girls in the past three years. Finally, severe blows were rained on the women when they took to the roads seeking livelihoods.

Nara Lokesh deplored that the Chief Minister had forgotten the day he was sworn in that his rule was a democratically elected Government. Neither the ruling YSRCP leaders nor the police were mindful of the fact that they should implement the constitution and the laws of the land. They were not bothered to adhere to established norms and laws.

Lokesh asserted that the Government would not afford to continue its atrocities against women for long. On its part, the TDP would stand by the side of the aggrieved women agitators in their hour of need.

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