Lokesh demands arrest of YSRCP ‘rowdy MLA’


-Slams YCP MLA for ‘slapping’ Polavaram AE
-Raja hit AE in presence of Polavaram SEs
-Govt employees associations remain silent
-Seniors trying to cover up to save MLA

AMARAVATI: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Thursday demanded immediate arrest of YSRCP Rajanagaram MLA Jakkampudi Raja for ‘slapping’ an assistant executive engineer (AE) in Polavaram project in East Godavari district.

Nara Lokesh termed as ‘atrocious’ the YCP MLA’s unprovoked attack on Polavaram AE T. Surya Kiran at the R&B guest house in Rajahmundry in the presence of senior officials.

In a statement here, the TDP MLC said the frustration and maniacal outbursts of the ruling party MLAs were crossing all limits. When Jakkampudi Raja slapped the AE, the senior officials did not try to stop him. But later, the same bosses brought pressure on Surya Kiran not to file the police case against the MLA.

Lokesh said T. Surya Kiran has been working as the AE in Polavaram Irrigation Project Left Main Canal (PIPLMC) division-2 in Dowleswaram. The YCP ‘rowdy MLA’ slapped the AE right in the presence of PIPLMC Circle superintendent engineer B.S.S. Yadav, irrigation SE D. Rambabu and PIPLMC sub division-1 SE M. Srinivasa Rao.

Nara Lokesh condemned the manner in which the Government employees’ associations did not respond despite such a humiliating attack on a colleague. Moreover, the YCP MLA resorted to the attack in an official meeting in the presence of senior officials. Jakkampudi Raja targetted the AE over non-payment of bills to his followers.

Lokesh released videos that showed the AE narrating how the YCP MLA slapped him thrice in the face. The MLA did not even give time for him to explain his limitations and his inability to pay the bills. The AE gave a written complaint to the Rajahmundry 3-Town police, saying that the YCP MLA attacked him over the Rangampeta pushkar works.

The TDP MLC said that the YCP goondas have now targetted the Government employees after victimising the opposition TDP and the general public. If the employees associations raised their voice when Dr. Sudhakar was persecuted, the ruling party leaders would not have repeated such attacks.

Lokesh pointed out how Dalit doctor Dr Sudhakar was beaten, paraded half naked, branded as insane and then driven to death. Senior IPS and IAS officers were ill-treated. MPDO Sarala was terrorised and humiliated in Nellore town. The Gudivada gangs had attacked RI Aravind. The TDP would not keep silent on this and it would intensify its fight against the barbaric rulers.