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Lokesh: Govt soft on culprits of atrocities on women

Atrocities cases ending up as deep mysteries in AP
No action taken in Gajuwaka girl ‘rape and murder’
Police taking investigations in wrong direction
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Monday accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of taking a soft stand towards the perpetrators of atrocities on women and girls in Andhra Pradesh.
Nara Lokesh expressed concern that almost all attacks and atrocities on women were turning into unsolvable mysteries because of the complacent attitude of the present rulers. No action has been initiated to nab the culprits responsible for the alleged rape and murder of a girl at Aganampudi village in Gajuwaka area in Visakhapatnam district.
In a statement here, Lokesh said that the family members of the girl have expressed anguish over injustice being done to them. Even then, the police were obviously taking the investigation in the wrong direction due to political pressure. The victim’s family belonged to the rajaka backward classes community. They came from a faraway place to eke out their livelihood in Gajuwaka. But the miscreants have brought untold misery into their lives.
Nara Lokesh asserted that suspicions were growing that the culprits raped and then brutally murdered the BC girl. The Government and the police owed an explanation to the public why they failed to nab the perpetrators of such a ghastly crime. Since the beginning, the ruling party was only bailing out the culprits thereby causing limitless suffering and injustice to the victims’ families. As a result, the atrocities were going on unabated even as the perpetrators were getting emboldened.
The TDP MLC said that the ruling YSRCP leaders were targetting the very poorer sections of society with whose votes they came to power in 2019. They made countless promises on the welfare and development of the weaker sections but now the situation was totally different. There was no still no action against the gangsters who raped and murdered a weaker section girl in Rajahmundry. The women from the poor families became very vulnerable under the lawless rule of Jagan Reddy.
Nara Lokesh asked why the police could not take any action against those who abetted the joint suicide of all the four members of Abdul Salaam family in Nandyal. Was it not a fact that both Salaam and his wife were harassed separately? Salaam decided to commit suicide along with his family members since he was afraid of harassment to his wife and children if he died alone. All the four members fell under a speeding train and took their own lives. The Government remained adamant without taking any action.
The TDP MLC said that the people were still recalling how Vizag doctor Dr Sudhakar was harassed, humiliated, paraded half naked and branded as insane. The Dalit doctor was also physically attacked and deprived of his salary till he met with his death. All this injustice was done just because Dr Sudhakar asked for a face mask. A Government doctor was hunted down and persecuted just for asking for safety equipment during the pandemic.

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