MSTC RTI reply exposed Jagan sand frauds: TDP

YCP used dummy companies to favour JP Power: Pattabhi
Who is sand fixing Raja of AP, asks TDP
AMARAVATI: TDP National Spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram on Thursday accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of committing serious irregularities in handing over multi-crore sand tenders to the Jaya Prakash Power Ventures.
Pattabhi Ram said that the Jagan regime used dummy companies like KNR Constructions and Trident Chemphar to carry out this massive tender fixing fraud. These dummy companies quoted just Rs. 1 Cr to Rs. 2 Cr above the base price of all the three sand tenders. Eventually, JP Power bagged all the three packages by quoting Rs. 5 Cr to Rs. 7 Cr above base price.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said the YSRCP sand fraud stood exposed following a reply from the Metal Scrap Trading Corporation (MSTC), a GoI company, to an RTI question. As per the MSTC reply, just three companies took part in the three multi-crore sand tenders. In that too, JP Power was the only company which took part in all three tenders and finally bagged all of them.
Pattabhi Ram said the Government fixed a base price of Rs. 470 Cr for first package for which KNR bid for just Rs. 472 Cr as against JP Power’s Rs. 477.5 Cr. In the second package, the base price was Rs. 740 Cr while KCR bid for Rs. 741 Cr as against Rs. 745.70 Cr of JP Power. In the third package, the base price was Rs. 300 Cr while Trident Chemphar bid for just Rs. 301.50 Cr as against JP Power’s Rs. 305.60 Cr.
The TDP leader asserted that the MSTC’s RTI reply revealed the dummy tenders and matching fixing resorted to by the Jaganmohan Reddy regime. The Chief Minister owed an explanation on this to the lakhs of construction workers who suffered starvation due to lack of works and many of them committed suicides. Lakhs of poor and middle class families suffered due to lack of sand. They had to stall constructions due to high prices.
Pattabhi Ram said that former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu held Deeksha against sand crisis but the Government did not respond. Now, the Jagan regime’s massive sand fraud stood exposed after the MSTC RTI reply. The AP people should know ‘Who is sand fixing Raja?’ There should be clarity whether Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi or Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy were fixing these dummy tenders.
The TDP leader termed it as shameless on the part of the Jagan regime to tell lies that the MSTC took care of all stages of sand tenders. But, the MSTC clarified in its RTI reply that it had no role in fixing specifications or guidelines. The MSTC was just involved in conducting tenders while the AP Government fixed specifications.
Pattabhi pointed out that these three sand tender packages were not even referred to Judicial Preview though all three were each above Rs. 100 Cr.