Naidu slams YCP: Lands of Muslim family ‘grabbed’

CM’s relative involved in Mydukur land grab
Lokesh decries YCP vendetta towards Muslims
Shares videos of victimised Akbar Bhasha family
AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday expressed concern that the common people of Andhra Pradesh had become victims of attacks and settlements on a daily basis ever since the YSRCP Government came to power in the State.
Mr. Naidu said that there were ‘alarming reports’ of how a relative of Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy grabbed the lands of a Muslim minority person named Akbar Bhasha in Kadapa district. CM’s relative Tirupal Reddy was stated to have encroached on the minority family’s lands at Mydukur in the Chief Minister’s own district.
In a statement here, the TDP chief condemned the manner in which some police officers were ignoring their khaki duty but getting involved in the civil settlements in the State these days. It was atrocious that a CI, who was loyal to YSRCP leader Tirupal Reddy, had threatened and forced Akbar Bhasha to sit in the police station. During this time, the land grabbers sowed saplings and started cultivation illegally in Akbar’s lands.
Mr. Chandrababu Naidu termed it as a greater offence on the part of the CI to threaten to encounter the Minority person who was the actual victim. Who would rescue the common man when the police were resorting to threats instead of providing justice as per the law?
Mr. Naidu shared videos of Akbar Bhasha’s family who spoke of committing suicide in two days if the Chief Minister did not do justice to them.
Meanwhile, in a separate statement, TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh asked how the Chief Minister would be able to protect the rights of people in the rest of the State when he could not ensure security to the lands of his own party activist in his own native Kadapa district. The minority victims alleged that CI Konda Reddy threatened to encounter him if he talked about the land grab. Why was the Chief Minister silent on this issue?
Mr. Lokesh deplored that CM Jagan Reddy’s relatives and the ruling YSRCP leaders were indiscriminately using power and authority as weapons to harass the common public. They were misusing the laws to snatch away public and private properties in the State. The police have become subservient to the wishes and whims of the ruling YSRCP leaders. The police were targetting and victimising all those who were raising their voice against land grabs, encroachments and settlements.
Mr. Lokesh said that the deteriorating law and order situation was exposed now that Akbar Bhasha had decided to commit suicide along with his wife and two daughters. Why had the Jagan Reddy regime been treating the Muslim minority people with vengeance? In the past, all the four members of Abdul Salaam family committed suicide unable to bear police harassment at Nandyal. Salaam and his wife along with their two children committed suicide by falling under a speeding train.
Mr. Nara Lokesh appealed to the ruling party leaders and the police not to make the matters worse and not to become responsible for the wholesale suicide of another Muslim family. Justice should be ensured to Akbar Bhasha by giving protection to him from the land grabbers.

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