Naidu slams YCP MPs for disgracing AP

Jagan misrule caused financial collapse
Not even 3 toilets constructed, leave alone 3 Capitals
Some retired judges not bothering about anarchy in AP
AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government for bringing ‘disgrace’ to Andhra Pradesh in Delhi by raising the State’s financial collapse in the national capital without a sense of self-respect and decency.
Naidu said one YSRCP MP made AP a ‘laughing stock’ in the Parliament itself by narrating the story of a tiger and cat painting in the House. But now, the fact was that the AP situation was like a clumsy cat painting that was the outcome when the king-like Jagan Reddy and his Advisors tried to paint a tiger.
Addressing a meeting on the occasion of ‘Dudekula’ community cadres joining the party, the TDP chief asked who would be able to save AP when the YSRCP regime has wreaked total destruction of all sectors of economy in the State. The neighbouring States were laughing at the AP people when the YCP MPs and Ministers were prostrating to touch the feet of Delhi leaders and begging in the national capital.
Naidu blamed CM Jagan Reddy for turning all 5 crore AP people blind by stabbing both the eyes of the State that were Polavaram and Amaravati. The YSRCP MPs were now saying in Delhi that the AP Government would not be able to resume the Polavaram works without the Central funds. Was it not the reverse tendering policy of the arrogant Jagan regime that stopped the Polavaram project? Why would anybody show sympathy to a Government which became known for destruction and demolitions?
The TDP chief asked how CM Jagan Reddy would be able to construct 3 Capital Cities when he has not constructed even 3 toilets in the three regions of the State. The AP loans came to Rs. 3.14 Lakh Cr since independence to 2019. But, the YCP regime increased it to Rs. 7 Lakh Cr in just two and half years. After destroying the State economy mercilessly, the YSRCP was now making cries of poverty to seek sympathy not knowing its discredited track record all over the country.
Indirectly referring to the Madras High Court former judge, Chandrababu Naidu said he should have checked facts before making needless comments on the AP situation. That particular judge was talking about constitutional violations without looking at the inhuman conditions that the people were facing. One retired judge of Supreme Court got a position for his son in AP and started making comments. Some persons were acting like PayTM batches. Those judges were not bothering about suicides and anarchy in the State.
Naidu advised the YSRCP leaders to see the development and transformation that he brought in Hyderabad during the united AP State. The people used to talk about Charminar, Golconda Fort and Salar Jung Museum in history. Later, they talked about the HiTech City and Cyberabad, which became possible because of the TDP efforts. In a remote corner of Hyderabad these days, the price of an acre of land rose from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60 Cr. Even the Telangana Government was auctioning such leands to generate revenue.
The TDP chief asserted that their party had always given priority to the upliftment of the weaker sections and backward classes. During the Vajpayee Government at the Centre, the TDP convinced the Prime Minister at that time to make a patriot like Abdul Kalam as the President of India. Eventually, the then Government changed an already selected candidate and chose Abdul Kalam for the post.
Naidu asked what should be done to CM Jagan Reddy who said in the past that he should be beaten with chappals if the promises in the party manifesto were not fulfilled. This CM said he would cancel the CPS within a week of coming to power. How many more weeks he would need to do so? Now, his manager was making vague statements.