One chance CM giving no chance to live: Lokesh


-Calls Nellore lecturer death as a ‘Govt murder’
-Awful conditions in Govt hospitals
-Systems collapsed under vengeful CM

AMARAVATI: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday expressed concern over the steady ‘deterioration and collapse’ of all systems under the YSRCP Government in the past three years.

Lokesh said the latest death of accident victim Ramakrishna in Atmakur hospital in Nellore district indicated the alarming situation in the Government medical and health services.
In a statement here, Nara Lokesh said that the staff at Atmakur hospital played with the life of lecturer Ramakrishna. There was duty doctor but the services of sweeper and security guard were taken to treat the bike accident victim.

Lokesh called the death of Ramakrishna a ‘Government murder’ as it happened because of the absence of services at the hospital. While Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy was busy with his political vendetta, all institutions and systems witnessed a gradual decline. The general public falling prey to the failure of systems.

Nara Lokesh said the people gave ‘one chance’ to Jagan Reddy in the elections. After coming to power, he was giving ‘no chance’ to the public to lead happy and peaceful lives. The general public were losing their right to live under the present rulers.

The TDP MLC recalled how the Chief Minister spent huge amounts on his publicity advertisements in the media. The ruling YSRCP Ministers described Jagan Reddy as a saviour of the people’s lives. But in reality, the CM proved to be an agent of death like Yama for the innocent people.

Lokesh deplored that lack of timely treatment was causing untimely deaths of accident victims. The Government was ‘totally responsible’ for the death of Unguturu YSRCP MPP Prasanna Lakshmi in a road accident in Krishna district in the past. The life of woman MPP would have been saved if the ambulance arrived to shift her to hospital in time.

Nara Lokesh said that bad and pot-holed roads were resulting in frequent accidents. Dismal ambulance and hospital services were taking a heavy toll on the people. Innocent people were becoming victims of the YCP inefficient rule, its endless greed and corruption.