People’s revolt started against Jagan Reddy misrule:Naidu

YCP using bogus voters to subvert people’s mandate
Police lathi charge on whistle blowers condemnable
YCP trapping youth in criminal and murder cases
AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Monday lauded the people for coming out and ‘revolting’ against the use of bogus voters and other election offences of the ruling YSRCP leaders in today’s polling for the civic bodies.
Naidu accused the Chief Minister and his party men of committing midnight murder of democracy by getting the TDP polling agents and leaders arrested by the unprincipled police. This happened during late night hours prior to the polling day. Alarmingly, the police did not file a single case though the ruling party brought bogus voters from other districts and States in the current polls to municipal bodies.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP chief said that the people of Kuppam put up strong resistance by coming out in large numbers to oppose the election excesses of the YCP leaders. They had caught hundreds of bogus voters and handed them over to the authorities. It was a black spot to democracy that the police did not act against bogus voters but resorted to lathi charge on the people who came to stop impersonators.
Naidu said that CM Jagan Reddy was under the delusion that he could use money and muscle power to sabotage elections in order to subvert the public mandate. But, today’s poll revealed how the people in the streets began revolting against the lawless Government. In Tirupati bypoll, not many people tried to oppose the ruling party excesses. But, the present civic body polls changed the whole election dynamics in the State.
The TDP chief referred to how the Kuppam people nabbed the bogus voters and passed on information to the election officials. The YCP brought and put up these impersonators at Vijaya Vani school, KUDA office, GVK Kalyana Mandapam, Soma Rama Reddy farm house and other places in Kuppam. However, the police did not take any action and they started playing high drama in order to favour the YCP candidates.
Chandrababu Naidu condemned the manner in which the police arrest even the polling agents of the TDP in many wards. The election officials were only supporting the poll excesses of the YCP. The midnight arrest of TDP Kuppam town president Rajkumar was condemnable. There was video evidence to show how the YCP brought voters from buses from other districts and other States.
Naidu deplored that the YCP leaders were shamelessly using innocent youngsters as bogus voters in the elections. Not just the youth, all sections of society were falling into the trap of Jagan Reddy and his coterie. The YCP was trapping the youngsters in criminal cases and then blackmailing them to carry out all such nefarious activities to favour the Jagan Reddy leadership.
The TDP chief advised the State Election Commissioner and other officials to quit their posts rather than joining hands with the unscrupulous YCP. The officials machinery were drawing their salaries from the public funds and they should remain loyal to the people but not one single individual. Some police officers were acting unlawfully to favour the YCP, which was why the people’s revolt was beginning in all four corners of the State.
Naidu cautioned that if the people would not bring the ‘anarchic’ YCP rule to its knees, then the robbers and gangsters would eventually set their sights on the private properties, businesses and even lives of everyone in future. In Kuppam, the police chased and lathi charged whistleblowers instead of encouraging them. This showed how democracy became a mockery under the Jagan rule.
The TDP chief said that the day would not be far off when the AP people would turn the tables and start playing reverse mind games against the Jagan misrule. The YCP atrocities and the police harassment would not continue for long.