Sand prices increase in Palasa

Srikakulam: Sand prices are increasing exorbitantly in Palasa, Sompeta and Itchapura areas in Srikakulam district. Limited excavate of sand is allowed from Bahuda and Mahendra Tanaya rivers. In addition, available limited quantity of sand reaches to allotted government works like roads, drains, Nadu-Nedu in schools and other government buildings works. As a result, demand for sand from private shops is rising, as the current dry season is favourable for construction works. In and around Palasa town price for per tractor load sand is Rs 7, 000 and price for per lorry load sand is Rs 40,000.

To overcome the scarcity private persons are purchasing and transporting sand from adjacent Odisha areas like Parlakimidi, Kasinagar and also from Narasannapeta within Srikakulam district by bearing transport charges. At Sompeta and Itchapuram towns also huge demand is witnessed for private works. “Demand for sand is high in and around the urban areas but sand is not sufficiently available here, as a result private persons are purchasing it by paying huge amount,” said Palasa revenue divisional officer (RDO) T Sitarama Murthy.

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