TDP decries ‘house arrests’ over Duggirala MPP poll

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Police making house arrests to appease political bosses
Inordinate delay in issuing caste certificate to Jabeen
AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has condemned the manner in which the police were making house arrests of their party leaders in order to prevent them from continuing their struggle for getting caste certificate for their party candidate to contest Duggirala MPP poll.
The TDP leaders said that needless hurdles were created when their party men were going to make complaints over non-issuance of caste certificate at the Government’s Spandana grievance programme. TDP candidate Shaik Jabeen applied for the caste certificate on September 20 itself, but the Duggirala MRO office was not issuing it on petty grounds. Even the Guntur District Collector did not respond positively in accordance with the laws even though the opposition leaders made several complaints.
There were many documents to prove that Shaik Jabeen belonged to the BC-E caste as per official records. Even her daughter’s educational records from the Government school have mentioned this clearly. However, Jabeen’s application for the caste certificate has been put in cold storage. The TDP leaders are alleging that the authorities, from top to bottom, have been playing foul just to please the ruling YSRCP leaders.
TDP official spokesperson Syed Rafi said in a statement here that the police had detained him at his house today. The police just said that they got a message that he was going to make a complaint at Spandana official programme. Was it a justifiable ground to place the opposition leaders under house arrest? It was on September 30 that the TDP leaders wanted to protest at the Chief Minister’s Tadepalli residence.
Syed Rafi asked how the TDP leaders could be placed under house arrest just for trying to make formal complaints during a Government programme. The TDP has approached the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, complaining against the non-issuance of caste certificate to Shaik Jabeen. No chance would be given to the ruling party leaders to snatch away the MPP seat. It was nothing but an attack on the Minorities that the YCP was trying to prevent a Muslim woman from becoming MPP.
The TDP has asserted that it has won 9 out of 18 MPTCs. It has got the support of one Jana Sena MPTC. The total strength of TDP MPTCs went up to 10 against a total of 18 in Duggirala MPP seat. The TDP has retained this strength despite the all out efforts by the YSRCP leaders to snatch away more opposition MPTCs. They already won over two TDP MPTCs and one Jana Sena MPTC in a wrongful manner. But still, the ruling party has no majority to win the Duggirala MPP. TDP’s Jabeen has clear numbers to win the seat.
The TDP has warned that it would initiate legal action against the officials who were violating the laws and rules in order to favour the ruling YSRCP. While the Duggirala MRO office rejected Jabeen’s caste certificate on flimsy grounds, the local police were conniving with the YSRCP leaders to harass the opposition parties. It is shameful that such electoral offences were taking place in the Mangalagiri assembly segment, where the Chief Minister has been residing. The YSRCP has been making a mockery of democracy at every step since it came to power.

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