TDP decries ‘police attack’ on Chittoor ex Mayor

-Atchannaidu condemns false cases against TDP
-Police targetting victims but not rescuing them

AMARAVATI: TDP state president K. Atchannaidu on Friday condemned the Chittoor police for ‘running their car’ over ex Mayor Kathari Hemalatha to injure her in a preplanned manner.Atchannaidu decried the manner in which the police filed false cases to intimidate the ex Mayor and prevent her from raising her voice against the car attack.

In a statement here, the TDP leader deplored that the ruling YSRCP leaders were resorting to mindless attacks by taking support from the police. What crime Hemalatha has committee that the police ran their car over her? Was there any democracy in the State any longer?

Atchannaidu said that the YCP leaders were not even hesitating to take the lives of those who questioned the anti-people and autocratic policies of the Government. The ex Mayor was only saying that the ruling party leaders were threatening the witnesses in the case relating to the murder of her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The TDP leader termed it as a shameless on the part of the police to degrade themselves in order to secure the favours of the YSRCP leaders. Some police officers turned into puppets in the hands of the ruling party like nowhere else in the country. They were filing cases against the victims instead of doing their duty to rescue them.

Atchannaidu asked what message the police sent by filing cases against the followers of the TDP, charging them with obstructing their duties. The fact was that the police ran their car over the ex Mayor. Apparently, the ruling YCP leaders were misusing the police to settle their political scores with the opposition leaders. The TDP leader warned the police not to become pawns in the hands of the YCP leaders. Eventually, it would be the police who would have to suffer from the serious consequences of their own illegal actions.