TDP decries police for not seizing YCP buses

AMARAVATI: TDP State General Secretary Panchumarty Anuradha demanded that the AP police should explain why they had not seized the buses in which the YSRCP brought bogus voters from other States to cast votes in the AP civic polls.
Anuradha said that the Kuppam women rose in revolt against the election offences of the ruling YSRCP. The women came out of their houses and fought impressive street battles against the ruling party goons and the police. It was a mockery of democracy that the police did not seize the buses that brought bogus voters from Tamil Nadu.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader warned the Government that in future, women from all corners of the State would confront the ruling YSRCP leaders and their gangs. The official machinery was acting like the ruling party’s activists instead of serving as a bridge between the Government and the people. The State Election Commission (SEC) was doing nothing more than a clerical job for the CM and his party.
Anuradha said that the YCP leaders were behaving without shame even though the women and all sections of people had revolted against the election offences. Nilam Sawhney did not know the basic fundamentals of running the elections. She brought disgrace to the civil services.
The TDP leader lauded that their party candidates filed their nominations and remained in contest despite the countless hurdles created by the ruling party. The people were very unhappy and they were eager to throw out the Jagan regime at the earliest opportunity.