TDP State-wide protests for free OTS

OTS collections a noose around people’s necks
Naidu presides important leaders’ meet
Jagan playing games with poor families
AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) important leaders’ meeting, presided by party National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Monday resolved to step up the agitation against the ‘forcible collections’ from the poor families in the name of one time settlement (OTS) by the YSRCP Government.
The TDP described the OTS collections as ‘noose’ around the necks of the poor beneficiaries. The party decided to hold State-wide protest programmes at the mandal and municipal offices on December 20, demanding the Government to give ‘free registrations’ to the housing beneficiaries. The protests would be continued on December 23 at the District Collectorates.
The TDP leaders accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of resorting to ‘coercive OTS collections’ for the houses that were built for the poor families even during the NTR regime. The poor families have been living in these houses for many decades and they had undeniable rights of property over them. But now, CM Jagan Reddy was playing dangerous games with the lives of the poorer sections of the State.
The Telugu Desam passed a resolution that it would give free registrations to the housing beneficiaries immediately after coming to power. The party recalled how the previous Chandrababu regime gave free registrations to over 52,000 beneficiaries in Visakhapatnam and also provided clothes and served food.
Decrying the ‘vendetta politics’, the TDP leaders said the YCP Government committed flagrant violation of human rights by filing a zero FIR against ABN MD Vemuri Radhakrishna. The case was filed against RK as if it was a criminal offence. He was being targetted for just visiting a long-time friend when he was in trouble. The mud-slinging on the skill development project was also part of vindictive politics of the YSRCP regime.
The TDP asserted that the so-called payments of funds took place during the term of APSSDC former MD Premachandra Reddy, who was a close friend of Jaganmohan Reddy. The Government should explain why Premachandra Reddy was not being questioned. It was sheer misuse of power to book cases against those who just signed as witnesses. The harassment of Lakshminarayana and mud slinging on the TDP were solely aimed at diverting the public attention from the rising unpopularity of the Jagan Reddy rule.
The TDP leaders deplored that their party had to fight with criminals who were masquerading as politicians. The farmers had to sell their food grain to private parties due to lack of Government support. The farmers were being forced to sell a 75 kg bag of normal variety at Rs. 1,000 contrary to its usual price of Rs. 1,455. The A-grade variety cost should be Rs. 1,470 but it also came down to Rs. 1,000.
The Telugu Desam said it was an alarming situation that the contractors were not coming forward to lay roads or repair them. They have made loans of over Rs. 7 lakh crore and suffering due to lack of bill payments.
The TDP declared its solidarity for the conclusive meeting of the Maha Padayatra of Amaravati farmers at Tirupati on December 17. Round table programmes would be held in all the assembly constituencies in support of the ‘Nyayasthanam to Devasthanam’ yatra. Jagan Reddy made huge promises before the elections and then took a U-turn on Amaravati immediately after coming to power.