TDP state wide stir to save education sector

‘Maa Ooru Maa Badi’ to expose anti-student policies: Jawahar
Jagan destroying education opportunities

AMARAVATI: TDP former minister K.S. Jawahar on Monday accused the YSRCP Government of destroying the education system in Andhra Pradesh in the name of the new education policy based on the Kasturirangan report.

Jawahar asserted that the TDP would launch a state-wide agitation to oppose and prevent the ruling YSRCP from depriving the students of their educational opportunities.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said their party would strongly oppose the merger of classes 3, 4 and 5 with the high schools. The move to reduce primary schools was highly condemnable. Introduction of the CBSE syllabus from the 9th class was yet another thoughtless, Tughlaq decision.

Jawahar called upon the general public to join hands and take part in the TDP agitation so as to bring pressure on the Government. The TDP would organise state wide protest programmes in the name of ‘Maa Ooru Maa Badi’. CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was hell bent on destroying the education system with his ulterior and narrow minded decisions.

The TDP leader recalled how Chandrababu Naidu took education nearer to the people by setting up schools within one kilometre distance from habitation under the Janmabhoomi programme. Now, Jagan Reddy was bent on making schools inaccessible to the students.

Jawahar said the new education policy and the English medium were only aimed at weakening the education system in the State. As per the Kothari Commission, there was a need for a separate classroom for every class, a separate teacher for every subject and a separate teacher for every class. But, Jagan Reddy was trying to make sure there would be no required number of schools altogether.

The TDP leader asked how classes 3, 4 and 5 could be merged with high schools when their methods of classroom teaching and sports were totally different. The CM and his Advisors were taking anti-student decisions as if they were taking revenge against the education sector. They were hatching a plan to make educational opportunities inaccessible to the common people.

Jawahar recalled how the YCP regime was betraying the youth by not taking up DSC recruitment and not filling the teacher posts. All sections of people should join hands to prevent the YCP rulers from moving schools away from the villages.