TDP urges CBI to question CM Jagan and MP Avinash

Dastagiri statement exposed murder masterminds: Pattabhi
Sunitha raised doubts over CM, Avinash and Bhasker Reddy
AMARAVATI: TDP National Spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram on Tuesday demanded that the CBI officials should question YSRCP MP YS Avinash Reddy and his father YS Bhasker Reddy to probe their role in the Vivekananda Reddy murder case in Andhra Pradesh.
Pattabhi Ram said the finger of suspicion was now pointing to many members within the YS family following the latest confessional statement of Viveka’s former driver Dastagiri. On the other hand, Viveka’s daughter Dr. Sunitha Reddy, in her court petition, had raised doubts over the intentions of her brother Jagan Reddy’s Government for not showing interest in resolving the murder mystery.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader asserted that the latest evidence revealed direct involvement of Avinash Reddy and Bhasker Reddy. Viveka driver repeatedly mentioned the name of Sankar Reddy in his statement. This Sankar Reddy has been the right hand man for Avinash Reddy and they met many times. The CBI should further investigate and question the key conspirators.
Pattabhi said that there was undeniable evident to show that Avinash was one of the earliest family members to reach the scene of Viveka murder. Sunitha Reddy had mentioned the same in her January 24 petition in the High Court. She pointed out about the tampering of evidence and washing of blood stains. She had also mentioned the names and raised suspicions against Avinash.
The TDP leader asserted that their party was of the strong belief that Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy had extended all support to Avinash Reddy and Bhasker Reddy in the Viveka murder. Without Jagan’s cooperation, it would not be possible. Also, Sunitha Reddy had raised suspicions on why Jagan Reddy was not ordering the CBI probe after he became the CM.
Pattabhi stressed the need for the CBI investigating officers to question Jagan Reddy as well considering the available circumstantial evidence. Moreover, in his capacity as the CM, Jagan Reddy changed Special Investigation Teams (SITs) twice and downgraded it by replacing an additional DG rank officer with an SP. From the day of the murder during the 2019 election process, CM Jagan Reddy’s role was suspicious.
The TDP leader said that Sunitha Reddy filed her court petition for CBI probe on January 24, 2020. Within two weeks later, CM Jagan Reddy filed petition in the court on February 7, withdrawing his earlier petition for CBI probe. This was enough to say what sort of concern or brotherhood that Jagan Reddy showed towards his own sister Sunitha Reddy. Was Sunitha not a sister like Sharmila Reddy for the AP CM?
Pattabhi Ram demanded that the CBI take into custody and then question YS Bhasker Reddy who was directly involved in the murder case. No lenience should be showed just because Bhasker Reddy was closely related to CM Jagan Reddy’s wife Bharati Reddy. If the investigation was taken to a logical conclusion, it would be proved 100 percent that Jagan Reddy was behind the murder of Viveka.
The TDP leader recalled how Dastagiri spoke about Rs. 40 Cr supari handled by Sankar Reddy in order to carry out the murder. After Dastagiri’s statement, the AP people got clarity on ‘who killed babai?’