TDP urges Om Birla, CM to punish YSRCP MPs

YCP hurting pride of Kshatriya community: MLC
YCP MPs hurled abuses in Parliament itself
AMARAVATI: TDP MLC Mantena Satyanarayana Raju on Wednesday expressed concern that the ruling YSRCP MLAs and MPs were resorting to ‘abusive counter attacks’ when rival leaders were pointing out their Government’s failures and corruption in Andhra Pradesh.
Satyanarayana Raju termed it as ‘unpardonable’ that the YSRCP had insulted Narsapur MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju on the floor of the Parliament itself. The use of ‘abusive words and language’ against an MP was highly condemnable. The ruling party leaders were bitterly targetting all those who would raise their voice against the anti-people policies of the Jagan Reddy regime.
In a statement here, the TDP MLC said it was only to divert the public attention from the Government’s failures in recent flood havoc that the YSRCP MLAs passed ‘personal comments’ on former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneswari. The YCP MLAs resorted to ‘character assassination’ on the NTR’s daughter on the floor of the AP Legislative Assembly itself on November 19.
Satyanarayana Raju deplored that the YSRCP Ministers and MLAs have turned the Assembly into ‘Kaurava Sabha’ (forum of evil people) in order to suppress the voice of the opposition. Now, the YSRCP MPs were slowly taking this dubious and atrocious tradition even to the Parliament.
The TDP MLC termed it as unacceptable on the part of the YSRCP to degrade the political debate to a new low. Nobody would object if they would criticise Raghurama Krishnam Raju on political issues. Personal remarks against him would not be tolerated.
Satyanarayana Raju asserted that like all other castes, their race also had its own history and self-respect. If anybody would try to hurt the pride of their community, they would not keep silent. The ruling YSRCP should take necessary steps to prevent repetition of such unnecessary incidents.
The TDP MLC urged Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and CM Jaganmohan Reddy to take action against the YSRCP MPs who hurled abusive words on Raghurama on the floor of the House. The YSRCP would be held responsible if anything would happen to Raghurama Krishnam Raju.