YSRCP alluring teachers, graduates in ongoing Council polls, says Chandrababu


Amaravathi: When the TDP was in power in the State, the party has given highest respect for teachers and even introduced an online transfer system for them to avoid political interference. But now, the State Government is drafting the teachers for security duty at liquor shops, the former chief minister and TDP national president, Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu, observed on Friday.

Interacting online with jobless youth, doctors, lawyers and teachers during the ‘CBN Connect’ programme, Mr Chandrababu Naidu expressed serious concern that the ruling YSRCP is alluring the teachers and graduates to get their votes in the ongoing Legislative Council elections for the Teachers and Graduates constituencies. Responding to one of the participants, Mr Chandrababu said that he had treated the teachers with utmost respect as they are part of the administration.

“I have done proper justice for them even in payment of salaries and now the whole teaching community is being subjected to humiliation in various ways. The less said the better with regard to the private teachers,” Mr Chandrababu observed.

Maintaining that he has never seen such a bad Chief Minister in his long political life, the TDP supremo said the world has changed a lot due to technology. All the governments that formed after Independence have tried their best to take the nation forward and in the State too the parties in power made every attempt for the progress of the State. But, this Government in the State is only working on destruction, he observed while answering one Mr Tejaswi.

The strength of the nation is youth and the weapon is IT, Mr Chandrababu said adding that the youth should be encouraged to achieve successes in all the sectors. Maintaining that legislature, executive, media and judiciary are the four pillars of democracy, Mr Chandrababu felt that when a leader with criminal record is the Chief Minister of the State, the people will have to face various kinds of problems and thus the educated to act judiciously to save the State.

Expressing serious concern that even the Supreme Court orders are not being implemented by the State Government, Mr Chandrababu said that even the fundamental rights of the people are being suppressed. All the problems will be resolved only when a government that performs in a democratic manner is formed, the TDP supremo remarked.

He felt the need to provide financial security to the advocates and also house-site to them. “Once we are into the government, we will sole all these issues,” he noted.
Answering another question, Mr Chandrababu recalled his college days. “I used to spend more time at cycle-stand as there were disturbances on the campus. I was into student politics then and the students elected me as their leader. I began my campaign from the university and I still remember those beautiful days,” he said.

Stating that better medical facilities are now available in the country than the United States or any other country, he sad that the TDP strived hard to bring the medicare closer to the common man. Several schemes have been introduced in the State after 2014, he said that the cheap liquor being sold in the State now is claiming several lives.

Making a fervent appeal to all of them to defeat the YSRCP candidates in the ongoing Council polls, Mr Chandrababu Naidu wanted the transfer of second choice votes only between the TDP and the PDF candidates. “Do not fall victim to the allurements,” Mr Chandrabadu added.

Observing that society should not focus on caste politics as the State is losing heavily because of that, Mr Chandrababu wanted the participants to try to bring awareness among the public on such matters.