Bhatti pledges to fulfill Telangana’s aspirations

• Bhatti Vikarmaraka’s People’s March enters Day-2
• Telangana’s dreams can only be fulfilled by Congress, says Bhatti
• CLP leader slams BRS Govt for neglecting Girijans’ welfare

Hyderabad, March 17: Telangana Congress Legislature Party leader Bhatti Vikramarka kicked off his ‘Haath Se Haath Jodo’ padayatra on Friday for the second day in a row.
On Friday, the ‘People’s March’ began from Ichoda and ended at Madapur village in the Boath constituency of Adilabad district. The padayatra received a massive response, with large numbers of people attending from all over the erstwhile Adilabad district.

During the march, Bhatti Vikramarka interacted with various sections of society and expressed his concerns over the state of Telangana’s economy. He highlighted how Telangana had become a hub of scams and corruption, with many scandals going unreported. He blamed corruption at all levels, from clerks to the Chief Minister, and stated that financial mismanagement had pushed Telangana into a debt trap.

According to Bhatti Vikramarka, more than Rs. 5 lakh crore of loans were borrowed by BRS Govt on high-interest rates, and there was no clarity on how, why, and where the money was spent. He accused the BRS Govt of deceiving the common people by weaving a web of lies. He pointed out that the BRS Govt had presented 10 budgets in the last nine years of a cumulative size of Rs. 23.35 Lakh crore. However, in reality, only Rs. 18 lakh crore had been spent, while the remaining Rs. 7.5 lakh crore were overstated. Out of the actual spending, more than Rs. 5 crores were borrowed from various banks and financial institutions.

“These figures clearly show that the actual revenues of the Telangana Govt were only Rs. 13 lakh crore, and a major chunk came from the sale of liquor. There was no transparency or clarity on where the Rs. 18 lakh crore was spent,” he said.

Bhatti Vikramarka criticized the KCR Govt for not fulfilling any of its major promises and stated that today, the State’s exchequer was almost empty. The budget figures were manipulated by tampering and inflating revenue and expenditure figures. The condition of Telangana Govt under Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was compared to that of a daily wage earner who is forced to borrow money on holidays. KCR’s mismanagement had pushed the people of Telangana and their future generations into a huge debt trap, he said adding that the KCR Govt did nothing to boost Telangana’s economy or create jobs.

He also accused the BRS government of not doing enough to tackle the rising unemployment rate in Telangana, with over 2 lakh vacancies still remaining unfilled in various state government departments. Bhatti Vikramarka stated that over 40 lakh youth were still jobless, with the government not providing jobs or the promised Unemployment Allowance of Rs 3,016 per month.

Bhatti criticized the BRS Government for completely neglecting the welfare of Tribals during the past nine years. According to him, the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) has become almost dysfunctional due to lack of proper funding. None of the schemes that were previously implemented by the previous Congress Government through ITDA to provide housing, agriculture support, etc., are now operational.

During his visit to the Madapur hamlet, the CLP leader was shocked to see the inhuman conditions in which Tribals are forced to live. He observed that up to four families with children are living in 100 yards of temporary houses made of wood. “It is painful to see that poor Girijans do not have proper housing even nine years after the formation of Telangana State,” he said.

The Congress leader strongly condemned CM KCR for not addressing the podu lands issue. “CM KCR announced on the floor of the Assembly that podu land pattas would be distributed to eligible tribals by the end of February. He said more than 66,000 applications seeking rights over forest lands measuring 2.27 lakh acres in the composite Adilabad district alone. However, nothing has been done to honour the promise. KCR also forgot the promise of implementing Girijan Bandhu on the lines of Dalit Bandhu,” he added.

The CLP leader stated that the farmers in Telangana were in immense distress under the KCR regime. He said that the farmers did not receive adequate input subsidies, proper support prices for their produce, or any compensation for crop loss due to natural calamities and other reasons. He argued that the Rythu Bandhu program, which provides farmers with a financial grant of Rs 5,000 per acre for cultivation, was just hype and insufficient for farmers to cover the rising input costs due to the increasing prices of seeds, fertilizers, labour, and transportation.

He claimed that the KCR government failed to waive crop loans up to Rs 1 lakh, leaving a majority of farmers in huge bad debts. The banks were not issuing fresh loans, forcing farmers to depend on private financiers to borrow money at high-interest rates. He also mentioned that not a single farmer who had lost their crop due to floods, heavy rains, or drought had received any compensation from the Centre or the State government.

Bhatti said that the ‘Haath Se Haath Jodo’ campaign was getting an overwhelming response across Telangana. The participation of thousands of people in Congress programmes was a clear indication that people were vexed with the regimes of the Modi government at the Centre and the KCR government in Telangana. He claimed that the BRS government had failed to address the needs of any section of society, especially Dalits, Tribals, BCs, and minorities, who constitute nearly 86% of the total population.

During his ‘People’s March’ on a 1365 km route covering 39 Assembly constituencies of Telangana, Bhatti Vikramarka planned to interact with all segments of society to listen to their grievances. He claimed that the Congress party had fulfilled the dream of Telangana State, and only Congress had the ability to fulfill the dreams of the people in Telangana.