Bhatti slams BJP Govt for disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as MP


Congress Legislature Party leader Mallu Bhatti Vikarmarka has strongly condemned the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as a Member of Parliament following his conviction by a Surat court in a defamation case pertaining to ‘surname’ Modi.

He was addressing a press conference at Wadiguda on the sidelines of Haath Se Haath Jodo Yatra, People’s March, which entered its 9th day on Friday.

“The lightning speed with which the Lok Sabha Secretariat acted in passing the order for disqualifying Rahul Gandhi indicates that the BJP’s fascist government was trying to misuse the judicial system and other institutions to target the Congress leader. This is a conspiracy against democracy, secularism, and socialism. BJP Govt has been trying to infiltrate and exploit the judicial system by implicating Rahul Gandhi into false cases,” he alleged

Bhatti Vikarmarka said that the Congress leader had already announced that it would challenge the verdict of the Surat court in the High Court to seek relief. However, instead of giving some breathing space for Rahul Gandhi to take the next legal move, the Lok Sabha Secretariat passed the order for his disqualification.

The CLP leader has called upon socialists, secularists, progressives, and those who believe in the people’s right to condemn Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification. He has also urged the Modi Government to understand that there were millions of people who share Rahul Gandhi’s beliefs.

Bhatti Vikramarka highlighted Rahul Gandhi’s contributions to the country and stated that he would not yield to the threats of Amit Shah’s conspiracies to charge and jail him. He emphasized that Rahul Gandhi is a democratic activist who marched from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to promote secularism and move the country forward. “Indira Gandhi’s blood flows in him (Rahul Gandhi), who gave her life for the nation. The nation knows about Rajiv Gandhi’s sacrifice and bravery against the LTTE terrorists and now his blood flows in Rahul Gandhi. No one can terrorise Rahul Gandhi, he said.

He criticized the BJP government’s dictatorial tendencies and accused it of filing false cases against Rahul Gandhi and conspiring to expel him from Parliament on false grounds. He stated that this would be an indelible stain on the country and would prove to be the beginning of the end for the BJP.

The CLP leer said that the Congress party would continue its fight for justice both within and outside the court.