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Employees only public servants but not YCP activists: TDP

Jagan rule harassing Govt employees at every level: Ashok Babu
Town planning officer offering to commit suicide
AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party MLC P. Ashok Babu on Wednesday asserted that the Government employees were public servants but not the political activists to dance to the tunes of the ruling YSRCP leaders without following any service conditions or rules.
Mr. Ashok Babu accused the ruling party from top to bottom of constantly harassing the employees for fulfilling their narrow selfish demands. The Government employees were being seen as coolies ever since Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy became the Chief Minister of the State. The general public were in total confusion whether they were living under an imposed dictatorship or a people elected democratic regime.
In a statement here, the TDP MLC termed it as alarming how a town planning officer named Rahaman threatened to commit suicide if the local YSRCP councillor continued his harassment at Kadiri in Anantapur district. The officer pleaded with the councillor himself to give him some poison instead of harassing him. This incident was enough to say how much the political and law and order situation deteriorated in the State under the chaotic rule.
Mr. Ashok Babu said that for no reason, some employees were suspended in the SSC Board. The officers were on mass leave in Dharmavaram unable to bear the ruling party pressure and harassment. There was no peaceful atmosphere in the State for the employees to do their duties in a free and fair manner. The employees were qualified people who would not be able to wear the YSRCP uniform because it was in power.
The TDP leader recalled how Dalit woman doctor Dr. Anita Rani was persecuted and humiliated by the YCP activists in her own office. No action was taken against the culprits till now. The lower level ruling party activists were illtreating the Government employees. There was no guarantee about when the salaries would be given. The police should filed criminal cases against the anti-social elements who were misbehaving with the employees.
Mr. Ashok Babu demanded that the Governor should intervene and put a full stop to the harassment of the employees in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Jagan Reddy had promised to cancel the Contributory Pension Scheme within a week of becoming the Chief Minister. Over 112 weeks had passed since he became the CM but the CPS was still in force. Mr. Jagan was keeping silent on this promise. If the employees were asking for it, they were being subjected to harassment.
The TDP leader said that the employees had waited long enough for the Jagan regime to take positive steps but there had been no proper response. The employees were pushed into such a helpless situation that they were not able to either represent their problems to anybody in the Government nor they were able to hold protests for justice. The TDP would fight on their behalf if the YCP rulers would not correct their mistakes. The employees were answerable to the public and to the constitution but not to the unprincipled rulers.

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