Govt vengeful against education sector: TDP

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-Ex MLC demands scrapping of GO 117
-Mergers of classes and institutions condemnable

AMARAVATI: TDP former MLC A.S. Ramakrishna on Saturday accused the YSRCP Government of adopting a ‘revenge mindset’ against the education system and the teachers in the State.

Ramakrishna demanded scrapping of GO 117, saying that the Government appeared to have got a dangerous fascination for mergers of classes and institutions. Already, it burnt its fingers by trying to merge the aided institutions with the Government.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader deplored that by trying to merge 3,4 and 5th classes in high schools, the ruling YCP tried to destroy the education sector. By trying to merge municipal schools with school education, the Government gave a blow to the 74th and 75th amendments.

Ramakrishna asserted that GO 117 would lead to total collapse of standards in education. It was unjust to issue this GO to rationalise teacher posts in schools. It would place an unbearable burden on the teachers. In upper primary schools, there were no headmasters but only six teachers for six classes from 3rd to 8th.

The TDP leader objected to GO 117 for proposing SGTs in place of school assistants in upper primary schools that have less than 98 students. Jagan Reddy took a U-turn on its promise to use subject experts in place of school assistants to teach school students. Now, a decision was taken to make SGTs teach even 6, 7 and 8th classes.

Ramakrishna said that if a single medium was there in high schools, thousands of posts would become surplus and lost eventually. They proposed to remove headmaster and PET posts in high schools (3-10) having less than 137 students. Also, those schools having 6 to 10th classes with less than 92 students would lose headmaster and PET posts.

The TDP leader termed the GO 117 ‘retrogressive’, saying that it was only aimed at making the students leave the Government schools and join private schools. The Government should explain fully about Byju’s method to the people. Rational orders should be issued after discussing pros and cons with the teachers associations. The teachers were demanding continuation of two media in high schools.

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