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Govt. welcomes HC verdict

Amaravati, Sep 16: Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy welcomed the judgement given by the High Court Division Bench giving a nod for the counting of ZPTC and MPTC election votes and to announce the results.
Speaking at a press conference here on Thursday, he said that the verdict has given a respite to the long pending results of Parishad polls and stated that the opposition parties have conspired to obstruct democracy and go against the people’s mandate. Sajjala stated that ZPTC and MPTC polls were to be held during Chandrababu’s reign between 2018-19, but Naidu had postponed the elections fearing the defeat. However, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy initiated to conduct the polls soon after forming the government, but it was postponed with the issue of reservations followed by the opposition’s conspiracy.
Recalling the earlier incidents, Sajjala was outraged that the elections were unilaterally postponed by the former SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh in March 2020 citing Covid-19 when there were only six days left to complete the polling. Each time when the government was ready to conduct the polls, an attempt was made to obstruct it as they cannot win over YSRCP. He said that TDP made vicious moves with the support of Nimmagadda Ramesh and brought sarpanch elections in the forefront rather than the parishad polls and further tried to obstruct unanimous elections. He expressed confidence that YSRCP will win any election with 80-85 percent positive vote, as people were on their side since they were happy with the good governance of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Ramakrishna Reddy slammed Chandrababu Naidu stating that he was the culprit who killed the election process which is a part of democracy and being implemented ever since Independence. By using the loopholes in the system, Chandrababu withheld the public mandate of parishad polls for almost over six months.
Speaking on the other issues, he flayed TDP leader Nara Lokesh for burning Disha copies and said that he had no respect or concern towards women safety. He said that the Act was brought for the safety of women in an innovative way, where more than 53 lakh people have downloaded Disha App. He said that the crime rate has come down in the State and people are coming forward to complain about their problems, which was not seen during the previous government. Though the Disha Bill has not become a law, it has increased the confidence among the women in regard to their safety and instead of providing suggestions, it is outrageous to hold back such a novel initiative, he added.
Further, Sajjala said that Solar Energy Corporation of India, a central government institution had lauded the State government’s proposal for establishing a solar power project to supply free electricity to farmers and expressed interest towards it. He said that the opposition once again approached Court’s to stall this project, while many are appreciating the State efforts to cut down the power cost.

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