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Jagan misrule more harmful than Covid: Naidu

-Jagan misrule more harmful than Covid
-YCP eclipse caused more damage than reorganisation
-Poor people falling easy prey to ‘fake CM’
-Jagan destroyed health, education, agriculture, etc

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu expressed concern that the AP people have been facing a more dangerous threat from the Jaganmohan Reddy misrule than that posed by Coronavirus.

Naidu said with a little caution, the people can escape from Covid infection but there would be no escape if one was struck by the ‘Jagan virus’ even once. The last three years of Jagan Reddy rule have caused unprecedented financial, physical and mental pain and anguish to all sections of the people.

Addressing a State-level meeting of MPs, MLAs, parliamentary and assembly incharges, the TDP chief said Andhra Pradesh suffered far greater damage under the YSRCP rule when
Jagan-misrule-more-harmful-than-Covid-Naiducompared to that caused by reorganisation. All systems and constitutional institutions came under devastating attack. All the opposition TDP leaders were persecuted with fabricated cases and false arrests.

Naidu recalled how the TDP regime gave a good direction and raised hopes on the development of AP when it was faced with very limited resources after bifurcation. There was over Rs. 22,000 Cr of deficit budget but welfare and development were taken up equally well. Prices were controlled, no new taxes were imposed and TIDCO houses were built for the poor families.

Chandrababu Naidu asserted that their regime spent Rs. 64,000 Cr on irrigation projects and completed 71 percent works on Polavaram. Amaravati was developed into a Rs. 2 Lakh Cr worth asset. Whereas, Jagan Reddy has failed to control prices, raised existing taxes and imposed new taxes on garbage and toilets.

Naidu said CM Jagan promised to create a heaven for the poor people before the elections but after coming to power, he started breaking their backs. Houses were built for the poor
Jagan-misrule-more-harmful-than-Covid-Naidu families before the birth of Jagan Reddy but now he was forcing them to pay OTS in a very atrocious manner. The TDP made over 2.65 lakh TIDCO houses ready for distribution but Jagan would not hand them over to the beneficiaries.

The TDP chief deplored that the entire State was reeling under the YSRCP eclipse. While the TDP considered society as a temple and the poor people its gods, Jagan Reddy has been looting society and considering poor families as his easy prey. Nobody is safe. Atchanna was implicated and jailed. A false case was booked charging Ashok Gajapathi Raju with irregularities in 1,000 acres.

Naidu asked whether Jagan Reddy extended the benefit of health insurance to even one single person in the State. False claims were made on bearing healthcare expenses above Rs. 1,000. In the agency, there were no proper facilities even for the deliveries. Thalli Bidda express and ambulances have been stopped.

Chandrababu Naidu slammed the CM for his ‘wanton destruction’ of the education infrastructure as well. Upto 2nd class were being merged with the anganwadi system. Above 3rd class was being merged with high school. The elementary system was given a good-bye. The age old systems were under threat. Jagan Reddy did not give one single teacher job since he came to power.

Naidu said the sand rates increased by five times and even then it was not available in the State. The Jagan regime, which promised prohibition, made the people drink over Rs. 124 Cr of liquor in one single day. The Jagan Reddy brands were causing greater harm to the drinkers than even Coronavirus.

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