Flaying the allegations of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government at the centre, state BJP official spokesperson N V Subhash said that KCR is desperated after sensing that BJP graph is continuing rising in the state.

Over two hours press conference at Pragathi Bhavan itself shows that how CM KCR is desperate and worried about his and his party future. KCR after successful public meeting of PM Modi and gauging public mood is making all baseless and unprovoked frontal attacks on BJP government at the centre to cover up his government failures.

He alleged that KCR is indulging in levelling charges against PM Modi purely on politicalBJP-spokesperson-NV-subhash reason after realising that people of the state have determined to dethrone corrupt and family rule of TRS government. People have fed up with this government and looking towards BJP for an alternative, he asserted.

Once revenue surplus Telngana state become a debt ridden state due to wrong policies of KCR who himself claims as a good administrator, Subhash said adding that the state financial position is such that government employees have been agitating as they are not getting monthly salaries in time. The financial position of the state is in disarray due to mismanagement of financial crisis, he SAID.

KCR should have utilised two hours long timing of his press conference for discussion in taking precautions to help citizens affected due to heavy rains that lashed across the state.

Subhash said KCR has not achieved any thing during his eight years of rule. But his only achievement is luring of legislators of other parties into his party.