Lokesh decries ‘brutal attack’ on TDP activist

Begins 3-day visit in Mangalagiri segment
Slams YCP MLA for demolition of poor people houses
AP breaking Afghanistan records in violence
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday expressed concern that the ruling YSRCP mob attacks were spiralling out of control in the face of total failure of the police machinery.
Nara Lokesh condemned the latest brutal attack by the ruling party goondas on TDP activist Syeda belonging to Tummalacheruvu in Piduguralla mandal of Guntur district. The video was proof enough to say how the YCP gangsters have beaten up the TDP worker just for acting as an election agent.
Lokesh began his 3-day tour in the Mangalagiri assembly constituency in order to console the family members of the deceased party leaders and workers. He has personally gone to the doorsteps of the activists and enquired from the local public about their problems during his visit to Mahanadu and Sundarayya Nagar areas.
Referring to the latest YSRCP ‘ruthless attack’, Lokesh said Andhra Pradesh has beaten even Afghanistan in violence and atrocities. The YCP mobs have beaten up TDP activist Syeda in the name of a land dispute. As the police were standing like silent spectators deliberately, the YSRCP faction gangs were unleashing a reign of terror all over the State.
Nara Lokesh recalled how a false campaign was launched in the election that if the TDP would come to power, it would demolish the houses in Mangalagiri. Now, YCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy was personally supervising and ensuring demolition of poor people’s houses. There was no proper drinking water supply and roads were not being laid for the past two and half years.
The local people narrated their woes to Lokesh. They said the YCP promised to give house site pattas before the elections but now they were removing the houses altogether. Social pensions, ration cards and welfare benefits were being cut in the name of high current bills and such lame reasons.
Speaking to the media later, Nara Lokesh appealed to the Chief Minister to come down from the sky to earth so as to listen to the problems of the common people. When the floods ravaged his own native district, Jagan Reddy made one short tour in air and then went back to sleep in his Tadepalli house. Chandrababu Naidu personally stayed in affected areas till normalcy was restored during Titli and Hudhud cyclones.
Lokesh said that in the Titli cyclone, the TDP regime gave Rs. 1,000 Cr compensation to farmers in just 21 days. Now, there was nobody even to enumerate the crop losses under the YSRCP rule. Ever since Jagan Reddy came to power, all sections of people were facing all sorts of problems from sand shortage to unemployment.
Nara Lokesh said Tamil Nadu could attract over Rs. 25,000 Cr of investments in its recent industrial summit. Whereas, Andhra Pradesh was witnessing just increasing financial burdens on the people but not industrial development or job creation. Jagan Reddy has been punishing people with taxes on petrol, diesel, current charges, house tax, garbage cess, RTC charges, essential prices, registration charges and vehicle tax.
Lokesh said that Jagan Reddy had no grip over any subject in day to day administration. First, they talked about the South African model of 3 Capitals without minimum understanding of its implications. Now, not a single development activity was taken up in any of the three regions in the State. CM Jagan has become known for changing his statements and breaking his promises with no commitment to the people.