Lokesh decries CM’s ‘conditions apply’ gimmicks

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-Amma Vodi existence became questionable
-CM using fake conditions to deny benefits
-‘Conditions apply CM’ betraying AP women
-Give Amma Vodi to all deserving mothers

AMARAVATI: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday slammed Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for using his ‘conditions apply’ gimmicks to deny Amma Vodi benefits to majority mothers in the State.

Nara Lokesh asked why Jagan Mohan Reddy did not enlighten the people about conditions for getting his welfare programmes at the time of the 2019 election.

In a statement here, Lokesh said Jagan Reddy would not deserve to continue as the Chief Minister if the same ‘conditions apply’ norm would be used against him. Jagan Reddy had failed totally in fulfilling his own manifesto promises which he described as the Bible, the Gita and the Quran.

The TDP MLC termed it as bankrupt on the part of the CM to fulfill his much-trumpeted Amma Vodi promise only partially. By playing gimmicks with the dates, Jagan Reddy has denied one year’s Amma Vodi benefits to the mothers. In the name of maintenance of toilets, Rs. 1,000 was being cut in this benefit since the beginning.

Lokesh said the Jagan regime had started putting lots of conditions these days to deprive mothers of their Amma Vodi benefits. The benefit was being cut now for households that used above 300 units of electricity per month and for students whose attendance fell below 75 percent.

Nara Lokesh pointed out that the increasing conditions being set for Amma Vodi had raised questions about the existence of this welfare benefit at all. Amma Vodi was now being cut if the beneficiaries would not update the new district in their Aadhaar. Moreover, the beneficiaries should necessarily have a new rice card.

Expressing concern, Lokesh said the ‘conditions apply CM’ had betrayed women of Andhra Pradesh in every welfare programme he promised. Jagan Reddy’s ultimate betrayals included denial of full benefits under Amma Vodi and increasing sale of J-brands contrary to the promise of phased prohibition.

Lokesh recalled how Jagan had made a huge false promise to deposit Rs. 30,000 into the bank account of every mother who had two children. Without further betraying women, the CM should give Amma Vodi full benefits to all deserving mothers.

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