No alliance with TDP in Telangana : Tarun Chugh

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I strongly condemn a report attributed to me in a section of media that TSBJP is thinking of an alliance with TDP in Telangana.

This report is completely fallacious and mischievous and aimed at creating a false narrative.

In the informal meet with friends, including a few from the media yesterday in New Delhi, I didnt say anything that could even remotely be construed to the idea of an alliance with TDP or the suggestion that we would stand by Smt Sharmila inTelangana.

Some political parties who have lost base and relevance in the state are taking recourse to false propaganda on TSBJP and possible allainces.

I would like to make it categorical that TSBJP is strong enough in Telangana to defeat TRS singularly as it has emerged as the only alternative in the state.

As the Incharge of TSBJP, I once again condemn this misinformation campaign and request media to refrain from rumour-mongering.

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