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No development took place in Kodangal during BRS rule

-TPCC President Revanth Reddy
-Nomination filed in Kodangal

TPCC president Revanth Reddy emphasized that he got the opportunity to lead the state only because of the blessings of the people of Kodangal. He appealed to the people of Kodangal that they should make give him win elections more than DK Sivakumar, who was responsible for the Congress’s landslide victory in Karnataka. On Monday, he filed his nomination on behalf of the Congress from the Kodangal assembly constituency in the context of the state assembly elections.

Revanth Reddy asked what is the merit of the people of Sircilla and Siddipet and what is the sin committed by Kodangal. KCR has cheated the people of Mahabubnagar who trusted him and sent him to Parliament in the 2009 elections. Why did KCR not do justice to Mahbubnagar in ten years after Telangana’s formation? He said that if justice had been done to this area, why KCR is not responding to his challenge of competing with him in Kodangal? People would have believed KCR’s words even if he brought Krishna waters to Kodangal or established Women’s college in Kosgi or Engineering college. Revanth who came to file the nomination in the constituency expressed extreme anger at the CM.

He said that with the strength given by the people here, he upheld the name of this region from Kodangal Gully to Delhi. He said that the entire Kodangal community should sit and think, Kodangal has got such a great opportunity in Telangana politics. He said that the post of Congress President is not his post but every son of Kodangal is the president of Congress. It is not for himself but for the workers and the people. He said that the people of Kodangal stood by him even though he did not hold office. He asked whether there has been any development in this constituency in these five years. Revanth Reddy slammed that how would BRS, that has cheated the people here, ask for votes again. He said that the responsibility of bringing Congress to power in the state is on all of you.

Revanth accused KCR that he made Gurnadh Reddy to believe that he would bring Krishna water, railway line, junior and PG colleges. In five years, not a single promise given by KCR and KTR to Kodangal has been fulfilled, no development has taken place. He asked with what credibility the BRS leaders who cheated by giving promises will ask for votes today. Will everything be given to Sircilla, Siddipet, Gajwel and why not to Kodangal? He said that this election is the ongoing struggle to provide jobs to the youth of Kodangal and that these elections will shape the future of Telangana. He reminded that he had fought for the self-respect of Kodangal in the Legislative Assembly. Revanth Reddy questioned whether the MLA who won on behalf of BRS had ever talked about the development of Kodangal.

He said that he challenged KCR not adoption, but to contest in Kodangal if he has courage but he did not come. He said that KCR did not accept the challenge that I threw because there was no development. He said that the Telangana elections are being held between the people of Kodangal region and KCR, and these elections are not usual ones, but an election that is going to bring a change in the lives of the people here. He said that the election will give recognition to Kodangal in the face of the country. He appealed to people that not in groups but all Kodangal should come together to make a unanimous resolution to make the Congress win the elections. He said “If splits arise, we will collapse.. If we collapse, lives will be destroyed.”

Revanth Reddy said that the people of Kodangal should give a better election verdict than Karnataka in the election. He wants Congress to win in Kodangal with more majority than DK Shivakumar in Karnataka. He said that within two years of his victory, he would complete the Narayanapet-Kodangal lift irrigation projectand bring waters to Kodangal. He said that Mahbub Nagar-Chincholi National Highway will be completed within a year and degree colleges for women will be setup. He said that it is his responsibility to upheld the self-respect of the people who stand by him.

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