Once back in power, TDP promises to realise dream of poor to have own house

Amaravathi, Nov 14: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politburo member, Mr Kalva Srinivasulu, on Monday promised the poor in the State that once the party is back in power their dream to have their own house will certainly be realised.

Stating that the Pucca Houses for the Poor scheme is totally neglected now, Mr Kalva Srinivasulu told media persons here that the houses will be built as per their choice once the TDP is back in power. The YSRCP Government is only misleading the public with false statements and is never trying to keep its promise made to the poor, Mr Srinivasulu added.

Though there are 28,30,000 families eligible under the housing scheme, not even 80,000 units have been constructed till now, he said, adding that this proves beyond doubt that the State Government has no commitment to fulfil its promises made to the people of the State. The housing scheme which was implemented well during the TDP regime, is being completely neglected after the YSRCP came to power, Mr Kalva Srinivasulu stated.

The ruling party leaders, including its MLAs and MPs are making huge amounts of money in the name of the ‘houses for the poor’, the TDP politburo member stated. “In fact, these YSRCP MPs and MLAs are not only making money in the name of the scheme but also illegally occupying lands on the pretext of building houses,” Mr Srinivasulu maintained.

Observing that over 11 lakh housing units for the poor were built during the TDP regime, Mr Kalva Srinivasulu said that another 2.12 lakh houses were built by TIDCO. Leaders from various States appreciated the efforts of the TDP in building such a large number of housing units but the YSRCP, which came to power later failed to complete the construction of even incomplete units, he noted.

The Chief Minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, should tell the public as to why the completed houses were not handed over to the poor and why the construction of the incomplete units has not been taken up till now, Mr Srinivasulu said. The pending bills of the contractors have not been cleared yet and the Minister for Housing has not even visited the Jagananna Colonies.

The Jagananna Colonies are not fit for residential purpose as there are no basic amenities, including water supply and these colonies are built far away from the villages, he maintained. Also, the State Government is not extending financial assistance to those who want to build their own houses, he added.

Mr Kalva Srinivasulu felt that the dream of the poor to have their own house will be realised only if the TDP comes back to power and the housing scheme too will be implemented in full scale once the TDP is back in power.