ORR Toll Scam..Bigger than Delhi Liquor Scam


-Rs. One Lakh crore property given away for just Rs.7 thousand crores
-The Concession Agreement states that 25 percent of the funds should be paid within 30 days
-Whether the concession agreement is genuine or not is to be decided
BJP and BRS are one and the same
-BJP wants BRS to win in the state
-TPCC President Revanth Reddy

TPCC president Revanth Reddy alleged that the ORR Toll Scam is thousand times bigger than the Delhi liquor scam. “Outer Ring Road worth Rs One Lakh crore is sold away for mere Rs 7 thousand crores. ORR has become the victim of KTR’s thirst for money. Kalvakuntla’s family committed robbery in the matter of ORR tenders. If KCR and KTR are the beneficiaries, Somesh Kumar and Arvind Kumar are the masterminds and protagonists,” commented Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy spoke to the media at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday. He questioned what the Center is doing about the ORR toll scam. He questioned why the investigation is not being conducted. In the past on the same topic..I have mentioned that changing the rules in favor of the company that won the tender, calling for tenders without base price, HMDA master plan ends with 2031, in the background, there will be problems if the lease is given for 30 years, so the tender period should not be for such a long period. I have also mentioned the way in which the tender process was taken up ignoring the NHAI’s suggestion that no more had been given. According to my information, the company that won the tender has to pay 10 percent of the total value of the tender within 30 days and the remaining 90 percent within 120 days. BRS MLAs bluffed in a media conference yesterday that there are no such rules.

But the Concession Agreement clearly contains these provisions regarding the payment of money. “The terms we have mentioned are on page 20, 21 of the agreement which are clear. I said 10 percent.. but actually 25 percent has to be paid by the tendered company within 30 days. The remaining 75 percent is to be paid within 120 days. If there are any changes in the rules, what are the changed rules should be disclosed. Arvind Kumar and Somesh Kumar have the responsibility to say whether the concession agreement that I put out today is true or not,” said Revanth Reddy.

The Letter of Agreement regarding the ORR tender was done on April 27, 2023. The 30 days have expired today. Now, IRB organization has to pay 25 percent i.e. Rs.1800 crores of Rs.7,300 crores to the government. It is not known whether the IRB organization has paid the money or not. If the payment is not made, the tender for IRB institution should be cancelled for violation of tender norms, Revanth demanded. KTR should respond on this issue..if he is busy in foreign tour, Arvind Kumar should respond. Arvind Kumar is fully responsible for this. Revanth Reddy warned that Arvind Kumar would be behind bars, if there are any discrepancies.

If the tender rules are changed then this too will be a scam like Delhi Liquor Scam. When the Delhi Liquor Policy was formulated, the rules were stricter initially.. BRS leader Kavitha went and lobbied and got the rules changed in favor of the South Group. The main charge is that Rs 100 crore rupees was given as bribe in that case. On that excuse, the BJP government made large-scale arrests. ORR is a bigger scam than that. Lakh crore projects worth projects were handed over for just Rs. 7 thousand crores. Revanth Reddy questioned why the BJP government is not taking action on this.

In the CBI investigation, MLC Kavitha is facing allegations that she gave Rs 100 crore to CM Kejriwal in an attempt to change the liquor policy in their favour. But it is alleged that the matter of ORR tenders is related to one lakh crores.. Such valuable property was sold for only Rs.7,300 crores. Revanth mentioned that the Delhi liquor scam is very small compared to this. But he questioned what the BJP leaders are doing if the looting is going on so openly. If such a big scam is going on in Telangana, why are Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay silent….why did ED and CBI not conduct raids? Kishan Reddy said that KCR’s family will steal the 2 lakh crore project the other day. Being a Central Minister, why is Kishan Reddy not demanding an investigation? What is the conspiracy behind this? Revanth Reddy asked.

Raghunandan complained to the CBI about the ORR tender. It should be clarified whether Bandi, Kishan Reddy believes in their own MLA’s complaint or not. Revanth Reddy asked. He said that the ORR tender matter will not be abandoned so quickly. Revanth Reddy said that he will fight a legal battle over this.

BRS and BJP are one and the same
Revanth Reddy said that BRS and BJP are one and the same. This is evidenced by the comments made by the BJP National General Secretary, the leader who was in charge of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and now in charge of Madhya Pradesh during a recent chit chat with the media. “Their national leaders themselves are saying that BJP is in third position in Telangana. BJP leaders are saying how they can win without 40 strong leaders. They clearly said that their aim is to prevent Congress from winning…BRS will win in this process.

As we have been saying from before, BJP and BRS are one… KCR and Modi are inseparable twins. Similarly, in Karnataka, BJP and BRS tried to prevent JDS from winning and preventing Congress from coming to power. But the people refused. The role BJP played there is played by BRS here and BJP is playing the role of JDS here. People should understand this clearly. Only the Congress party can defeat BRS,” said Revanth Reddy.

Congress needs to win in the state. Some people joined BJP out of anger.. and later came to know the truth. BJP’s true colors have come out. Only Congress can defeat BRS. This is why I said that there should be a reunification against KCR.. Leaders who are still suffocating in BJP should leave their illusions, think and take a good decision, Revanth commented.

“At the same time, I am questioning MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi…With your campaign, minorities are winning BRS votes. After winning, BRS pledges those minority votes to Modi. How do you support this? Do you understand this matter yet? If you don’t understand, then understand,” commented Revanth.

In what matter should people believe?
Revanth Reddy asked how can Harish say that people support their rule when they have not fulfilled any promises. Should the trust be for giving the three acres of land to the Dalits, prevented the TSPSC paper from leaking, did not fill the jobs, and not completing the Palamuru-Ranga Reddy project, he questioned. He ridiculed that it is not enough to think that he is Swatimutyam.. Uncle as Animutyam.

If they have done everything in a perfect way, Harish, KTR should go to OU without security and discuss with the unemployed. If they return safely, we will admit that what they said is true. When Telangana was formed, KCR said 1.7 lakh jobs were vacant in the first assembly. They said that another 40-50 thousand vacancies will be added to these. An average of 1,000 employees are retiring in Telangana every month.

According to the calculation, 1 lakh 10 thousand people retired in 110 months. In the report given by the former chairman of TSPSC, the Governor stated that 37 thousand jobs have been filled. In total, there will be 2 lakh government job vacancies as mentioned by the Biswal Committee, he mentioned.