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TDP blames Govt: AP top in average debt of farmers

Naidu presides over TDP key leaders meet
Each farmers carried debt of Rs. 2.50 lakh
Jagan turned a betrayer of Minorities
Aqua farmer got Rs 58,000 current bill
AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), at a meeting of important leaders presided over by party National President N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Monday blamed the YSRCP Government’s anti-farmer policies for the deepening crisis in agriculture in Andhra Pradesh.
The TDP leaders said that the situation had turned so bad that farmers were not being able to cultivate lands taken on lease. Costs of cultivation doubled and the Government subsidies were stopped. The agricultural department was almost closed and its existence became questionable. As usual, CM Jagan Reddy made huge promises during elections but backstabbed the farmers after coming to power.
The TDP meeting discussed various burning problems of the people and decided to bring pressure on the Government to withdraw its harmful policies. State-wide protests would be taken up for five days from Tuesday to highlight the problems of the farmers and the steep crisis. The Jagan regime’s policies were responsible for the rising debts of AP farmers. AP came to stand in first place in the entire country in the average debt burden of farmers. Each farmer was carrying more than Rs. 2.50 lakh debt on his head.
Decrying the rising attacks on Minorities, the TDP condemned the filing of a murder attempt case against Minority Hakkula Parirakshana President Md. Farooq Shubli. The false case was filed just because the Minority leader extended his support to the Akbar Basha family, who faced threats from the land grabbers. The case on Mr. Shubli exposed how CM Jagan Reddy was betraying the Muslim Minorities after coming to power. The Government should unconditionally withdraw the false case.
The TDP leaders raised the issue of abnormal hike in current charges. If the ruling YSRCP did not succumb to commissions in purchase of high cost power, the current charges would require hikes. True up charges were being collected from prawn and fish farmers. An aqua farmer in East Godavari district got Rs. 58,000 current bill while his previous bill was just Rs. 28,000.
The TDP condemned the manner in which the Government imposed a burden of Rs. 9,000 Cr by raising current charges five times since the YSRCP came to power. In the sixth hike, Rs. 2,542 Cr burden was placed on the consumers which took the total burden on people to Rs. 11,500 Cr. The previous TDP regime handed over a surplus power sector in AP to the Jagan Reddy Government. However, the power sector was crushed from generation to distribution, leading to the present crisis.
The TDP leaders said that the YSRCP Government became a laughing stock in the State and its unpopularity further dipped following the move to start ‘mobile mutton and fish marts’. This was highly objectionable since such Government marts would destroy the community professions of weaker sections and backward classes. The YCP leaders were trying to take over costly lands of aided institutions and Minority and Christian organisations. The TDP would file private cases against the officials who were hand in glove with the ruling party to victimise the opposition.
The TDP condemned the ‘false propaganda’ about Rs. 2,000 Cr scam in the Fibergrid project on which just Rs. 307 Cr was spent. The Government’s move to hike property tax in panchayats was condemnable. In future, they would impose taxes on garbage and sanitation in villages also.

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