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TDP calls CM Jagan a betrayer of Kapus

YCP rule cancelled Kapu reservations: Anagani
Govt suppressed Kapus socially and politically
AMARAVATI: TDP MLA Anagani Satya Prasad on Thursday expressed concern that the Jaganmohan Reddy Government was perpetrating injustice and betrayals on the Kapu community by cancelling their welfare programmes and job opportunities.
Satya Prasad said that the injustice, that was meted out to Kapus in the past two and half years, was not seen before in both the united and Navyandhra Pradesh. Their welfare corporation was totally undermined under the YSRCP rule. The welfare programmes implemented by the TDP were cancelled. Just a few benefits were given along with other communities in the name of Navaratnalu.
In a statement here, the TDP MLA said that their party provided 5 percent reservations to Kapus in educational and job opportunities. The YSRCP has cancelled it unilaterally. The Chief Minister has been trying only to cheat the community with his lies and betrayals. No new programmes were brought and even the existing schemes were cancelled with total disregard for their well being.
Satya Prasad said that unlike the previous regime, the Jagan Reddy rule was suppressing Kapus politically and socially. Their welfare was thrown to the winds. The 5 per cent reservation was arbitrarily cancelled. As a result, over 12,000 unemployed youth lost their jobs in just ‘sachivalayas’ (secretariats). The YSRCP leaders were targetting the community out of political bias and victimisation.
The TDP MLA asserted that the Kapu corporation used to provide lots of benefits to them under the previous regime. Huge funds were spent to ensure better education and job opportunities to their community. Many programmes were implemented for Kapu welfare under the TDP regime. Over Rs. 10 lakh financial assistance to each of the 4,528 Kapu students to study abroad. Over Rs. 28.26 Cr was spent for them under the NTR Videsi Vidya Adarana programme.
Satya Prasad said that the Jagan Reddy rule has set aside all the development programmes that were aimed at Kapu well being. The TDP rule built Kapu Bhavans in every district. The CM halted some buildings that were under construction. On the other hand, false cases were filed to harass Kapu leaders. Can the Chief Minister come for a debate on what his Government has done for Kapus in the past two and half years?
The TDP MLA slammed the Government for denying the Rythu Bharosa benefit by bringing the caste rule in giving Rythu Bharosa benefit to tenant farmers. The unemployment allowance was stopped. All the facilities provided under the TDP regime were cancelled. It was shameless on the part of the ruling YCP leaders to make false claims on Kapu welfare. Kapus derived highest benefits only under the TDP regime and the YSRCP leaders should come for a debate on this.

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